How to make a website? Google Sites!

The Internet giant Google has covered almost all possible areas of online activity with its services. There was no exception to the creation and hosting of custom sites. Service Google Sites allows you to easily create and host your own websites. And if you are an active user of other Google services, then from the use of this site get a double pleasure due to the excellent integration of other Google services.

To use this service, you need, of course, a Google account. For personal use, 100 MB of disk space are provided, and the site can have an unlimited number of pages. By default you are allocated a domain name of the form, but you can also bind a custom domain if you have one.

Website creation begins with the main page of the service. After clicking the button Create you will be asked to specify the name of the site, its address, choose the theme of the design. In addition, you can configure access settings, which can be useful if you are making a page for a limited number of people.

After the site is created, you can proceed to filling it. The editor of the pages is not more complicated than a regular text editor, so if you worked for example in Google Docs, then you will find everything simple and familiar. Similarly, you type text, links, change formatting, insert tables, pictures and so on. In addition, the insertion menu has an additional section, which is responsible for interacting with other numerous Google services. This allows you to insert an AdSense module, a Calendar, a chart from Google Docs, a picture from Picasa, a map from Google Maps, a video from YouTube, and so on.

To configure the general properties of your site, there is a special section Site management. Here you can add or delete pages, change the layout or theme, customize the display of AdSense ads, change the rights of viewing and editing the site, and much more.

In general, it can be stated that the online designer from Google, although it does not battle the violence of colors or a variety of themes, but still has a number of undeniable advantages. Its functionality allows you to easily and quickly create pages in both WYSIWYG-editor and by writing html code. In addition, there are a few more tangible advantages.

First, it’s Google. If you use the other hosting services, there is a theoretical possibility that the service will be closed and your favorite site will be gone nowhere, then Google will not do exactly that.
Secondly, it is possible to configure user access rights. This may be useful for creating a site with content that is private to all but the persons you specified. To me, for example, it was useful for creating a site with paid access, as I wrote in this article.
Well, in the third, Google Sites perfectly interact with other services of this company. So, if you are an active fan of Google, then this hosting will probably be the best solution for hosting your personal website.

Google Sites