How to make a website?!

To make the ideal “designer of sites for teapots” is not at all simple – the more useful functions are available, the more difficult it is for them to understand the unprepared user. However, the creators of the Weebly service seem to have managed to find a middle ground. Despite the fact that this is one of the most advanced site designers, it’s easy to use. Let’s see how to make a website for free.

Weebly – This is a free service for the visual (WYSIWYG) creation of sites and their subsequent placement on the company’s servers. The service is completely free of charge and has a lot of features, which was appreciated by more than 10 million users who created their sites with it.

After registering and logging in to your account, we are looking for the Add Site button, and then fill out the form with the site name, its address and category. Then you need to select the appearance of pages from more than a hundred templates and you can start editing and filling the site. It happens in a simple and understandable visual editor. The whole process is to select the desired module on the toolbar from the top, drag it and place it in the right place, then you need to edit the properties.

how to just make your site

The modules available for use are large, so they are divided into several tabs. The basic elements include a text block, a picture, a title, a contact form, a custom html code. On the tab Multimedia there are photo gallery, slideshow, flash, video from YouTube, audio and video player. There is also a section on e-commerce and various additional modules for inserting forms, polls, rss feeds and so on. More details about the work of the page editor can be found by watching the following video:

To manage pages and change the properties of your site, there are separate tabs where you can add or delete pages, configure the navigation menu, specify a description of the site, meta tags, connect Google Analitics statistics and perform other necessary actions.

a convenient tool for creating a website

The finished site is hosted on the network by pressing the button Publish on the toolbar. Despite the free status, Weebly does not post any advertisements or pop-ups on users’ websites. Moreover, you can place advertising, for example AdSense, and receive income.

Summarizing, we can conclude that the service Weebly is one of the most worthy choices when choosing a place to create and host a personal page. Even with a free use model, the service does not have limits on the number of pages, traffic and site space. Plus a complete lack of advertising, the ability to bind your domain, a wonderful simple editor – and it becomes clear that this service is not for nothing pretending to be the best free site builder for beginners.