How to use Google Photos as a website hosting site

If you decide to show someone your photo stored in Google Photos, the service will give you the necessary link. But specify this link will not be on the photo itself, but only on the page with the image.

A small web application Embed Google Photos was created to help in this situation. It can not only scratch a photo from the depths of the photo service, but also generates HTML-code for inserting it into the web page.

Here’s how to use this service.

  1. Open the page with the photo you need in Google Photos.
  2. Click the Share button. Select “Get link” from the pop-up window.

Embed Google Photos 1

  1. Copy the provided link.
  2. Go to the Embed page of the Google Photos service. Paste the link into the field from the clipboard and click the Generate Code button.

Embed Google Photos 2

  1. Before you will be a direct link to the image and code to insert into the web page.

You can simply insert this code in any editor, and the image will be downloaded to your page directly from the server of Google. Like this:

Thus, you can use the Google Photos service as a free image hosting for your site. Unfortunately, we do not know if there are any traffic restrictions or the number of requests, so use the method at your own peril and risk.

By the way, who will guess what the fetus is in the photo?

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