Why watch a video on Vimeo, not on YouTube

1. Convenient and smooth use

Vimeo boasts one of the most smooth, fast and responsive video players. It is clearly visible which part of the clip has been buffered. But even when you need the part that has not yet loaded, playback usually continues without delays. The interface of the player is not cluttered with unnecessary details.

One of the hallmarks of the service is the quality of the video. It uses the best methods of decoding, rollers have a high bitrate. Thanks to this content looks richer.

2. Originality and Creativity

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Service even with a huge desire can not be called a garbage. Downloading the video is not an end in itself: the authors are trying to show the world original and interesting videos.

On Vimeo the highest concentration of interesting content. Assuming that on YouTube for one useful and high-quality video there are a thousand useless, then on Vimeo every third video deserves attention.

It is worth noting that in the described service can not find any type of content. Since the community for the most part consists of directors of one level or another, a significant part of the catalog is cartoons, music videos and short films. However, are gaining popularity and, for example, rollers from the category of instructions.

3. Convenient search

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It’s often not easy to find new interesting content on YouTube. Every minute, the service loads 300 hours of timekeeping, and the word “new” loses value. And although the site has a clever system of recommendations, the results do not always satisfy the creative hunger.

On Vimeo, each video belongs to one of 16 categories, which can be viewed through a special section. But also the videos are assigned to groups – peculiar themes that users create. This simplifies the search for specific records and unites users into the present community.

4. Supervised Videos

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On the site there are two other ways to view the content: author’s collections and a section with videos that are gaining popularity.

Collections are created by Vimeo employees themselves. These are the videos that they watch and mark as very interesting content. On the page with clues, you can find several subsections: recently added, premieres, the best for the month and for the year.

Popular videos are those that users recently watch very often. In this case, everything is automated and constantly updated. Something new can be found every day. Such videos are displayed on the main Vimeo page. In each category, you can also find the most popular videos.

5. No advertising

Nobody likes advertising, because it’s a waste of free time. Moreover, advertising has a detrimental effect on creativity. When it comes down to the number of views, content loses its originality and interest.

On Vimeo there is no advertising at all. Therefore, the use of the service is even more satisfying: in the modern Internet this is a luxury.

6. Unobtrusive monetization

Free content is wonderful, but you need to earn money for directors and producers. If Vimeo did not offer the opportunity to receive revenue, then it is unlikely that it would have so many interesting videos.

Since there are no ads on the site, users pay the authors directly. The program Vimeo on Demand gives several opportunities to sell the results of work. At the same time, the creators of the videos receive 90% of the revenue: no other video service can boast of such generosity.

7. Constructive community


Vimeo is also distinguished by the atmosphere that prevails in the local community. On other sites, users often interact with each other only within the individual channels. The Vimeo community is something much more global.

Service users are often much more mature. The site has much more positive comments than negative, almost no trolling. Rarely does the feeling arise that the author raises himself above the audience. There is a feeling that all people here have one common goal.

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