How to find a good job: 5 true signs

Perhaps you are just now thinking about changing jobs or are already going to another interview. Perhaps you are the boss and now you are puzzlingly considering another application for dismissal. In any case, this article is written for you. From it, the first learn how to choose the best job in your life, and the second about how to make sure that your employees do not even think of leaving you.

What do people pay attention to when they move to a new place of work?

Yes, you guessed it once, for a salary.

Of course, this is the most important factor, but it would be very imprudent to reduce everything only to money. In the world there are hundreds of activities for which very good money is paid, but which you would never have started to do. In addition, once a person reaches a certain level of well-being, money as a stimulus begins to lose its decisive importance. One can recall dozens and hundreds of examples when successful managers and managers of large companies leave their bright comfortable offices and go to free bread or even to the unknown. And no salaries, social packages, corporate benefits and free buns can not keep them from it.

So what, after all, do they lack?


Before you get a new job, be sure to Estimate how interesting it is for you. Do not forget that you will devote most of your time to this lesson. Yes, a good material reward can make you think about what you can “endure” or “endure-fall in love”. But do not flatter yourself – in a boring, completely uninteresting work, you quickly turn into a humanoid robot programmed from 9 to 18 to fulfill their “functional duties”. So it’s better not to try.


I am fully aware that in both large and small companies there is an established order and every employee should have a clearly defined range of responsibilities. Nevertheless, it is impossible to write off the inborn need of each person for independence and creativity. Therefore, take a close look at the space for making independent decisions looms on your new workplace. If your duties and do not imply any independence or represent only a miserable imitation, when each of your eyes and actions will be carefully monitored and corrected, the value of such work is very doubtful.


Many believe that man is a lazy creature and always chooses the path of least resistance. Maybe it’s partly true, but this way quickly leads to the degradation of the person. If you do not need any significant effort from your place, mental or physical, you will quickly become bored and hate this quiet pool. Therefore, when choosing a new job, make sure that you are facing fairly complex tasks. Only overcoming difficulties gives rise to the interest that we wrote about in the first paragraph and serves the development of man.


No wonder, oh, it’s not for nothing that the Greek gods sentenced Sisyphus to the eternal roll of stone up the mountain. Heavy, endless and inconclusive work is a real curse for any person. Therefore, it is very important that your work activity is traced a direct link between the effort expended and the result obtained. It is clear that most often it is a question of monetary compensation, but in some cases a skilfully built up system of incentives can inspire workers to selfless work without it.


People love to be respected. All – and a drunk with a glass of beer, and a scientist who receives the Nobel Prize. Many are ready for this purpose to work long and hard, without salaries and bonuses. On the other hand, even the highest paid work, but for which you will be despised and hate can poison your life. So look for a job that you can be proud of yourself and make you proud of your children.

so, solving the problem of how to find a job that will be the best in your life, after finding out the salary, the social package, the size of the table and the availability of free cookies, be sure to take a break and answer yourself the following questions:

Will this work interest me in a year? And in five?

Will I be able to make independent decisions?

Is it difficult enough for me to decide?

Will I be able to see the results of my work?

Will I and others respect me for this work?

Well, for leaders, you can give a recommendation in just one sentence. Organize your employees an interesting, rather complex, allowing to show autonomy and creativity work that brings direct result and respect, and they will never leave you. Moreover, they will pay you money so that you will allow them to work place. 🙂