Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

The experience of speaking with different people within this rubric is not too big for me, but for the time being this is the most lively and vivid interview, in my opinion, recently.

Meet: our guest today is Marusya Podlesnova, the founder and main ideologist of the “Startup Afisha” project, which over time has been transformed into a site about Russian startups and the RusBase venture industry.

– Hello, Marusya! We all ask – even if we ourselves know – what our guests are doing in their work. So you tell our readers what you are working on

I am a real web-girl: a girl about whom Zemfira sang – a girl who lives on the Net. But this happened, of course, not immediately. Officially to say “Mom, I’m Internet-dependent” I could only a couple of years ago.

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

I have been working on the Internet since 2008. From December 2010 until now I manage RusBase project (formerly known as Startup Afisha) – a media and service platform for Russian start-ups and investors. Today there are already 12 people on my team. In 2012, we announced the attraction of investment from the technology company Black Ocean NY. And in general, many things else did in the Internet, but tell the same not about it? 🙂

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

– What does your workplace look like?

My workplace is where I am. Most often it’s my desk, where my old Air, a dog and a mug of coffee usually live. But in general I am a man without an office. I work on the beaches of Phuket, and on the verandahs of the Moscow region. Many people do not understand my way of life. And I do not understand why I need a box in which I will also open my laptop and also be included in the Web ?! The very thought of the dress code, borders and rules, strict requirements and working hours makes me terrified.

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

The team got the same from me: we are all distributed not only in Moscow, but also on the Globe, and we are not at all embarrassed in scale or plans. Once a week we are going to the big planning meetings for 3-4 hours. Every day we are all on Skype calls, but each in a comfortable space for ourselves: someone at home, someone in coworking or even in offices (there are especially needy :))).

– Something unusual in the work of the “iron” is?

In general, I have another old BenQ, which works only from the network. But I sometimes use it for video editing: there is Pinnacle Studio. But for a long time I have not played it 🙂

– And usually what do you use? Laptop, router …

Because my work as a whole on the Internet, then all I need is my 11th MacBook Air (which is already time to change) and the router (the simplest DLink). In principle, I wanted an 11-inch monitor, so it was convenient for me to move around with a laptop around the city and it was not hard. In general, never suffered from – according to others – a small screen.

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

With the memory of Air it’s all very sad: only 64GB, and I’m from this, believe me, I suffer all the time. Rescue hard removable drives and Dropbox. I have a 400GB hard drive, an old one. There I store all the photos and music and some old unnecessary archive.

– Mobile phone (let me guess) for sure the production of Apple: some of our audience already hates the editorial staff for the fact that we have few fan guests of the “green robot” 🙂

Since 2010, I with Nokia went into the world of Steve Jobs and never came back 🙂 I have a simple fifth iPhone, broken and already with replaceable glass. At 32GB, which is also over. Will be the sixth – I’ll be with the sixth.

I do not even know how you can answer “why this model”, it’s like “why do you need hands?” The iPhone is already some part of me. Inalienable. And again, I really like the timing with my Air: iMessage I almost all write from a laptop. Notes are the same. In general, well, somehow it’s all mine, my own 🙂

– Let’s talk about the programs …

# muzhkopasad kaziratstvo?

Honestly, I do not remember who and how and when I installed the OS and whether I bought it or not. Now I have Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.4). Accordingly, I try to update as soon as it is right away. But not even myself, but usually I ask someone to put me. The office really costs from MS, but not native Numbers and others. Somehow it was so from the very beginning.

The browser I use only Chrome (better until I found nothing). Strangely enough, Safari is very tupit. About Mozilla generally silent, I use only for the test of layout. At the same time, once a day, I open all three browsers.

Again, which can be strange, I check the mail through the browser, and do not use my native Mail: he did not go to me somehow. Mail is simply completely structured, and I generally have a special approach to its raking. In fact, my mail is my task manager and my notebook. Inbox is always empty: in this folder there are letters to which you need to answer “right now” or who have enough “yes / no” answers. If the letter requires work – and such 80% – then in Drafts and delete the label “Inbox.” If Drafts are more than 30, then # is replaced with asterisk

Although today they showed an $ 2 APM – AirMail. It will be necessary to try 🙂

I actively use Calendar and Google Drive – I am the most powerful adept of Google services, so I do not use anything from Eplovsky to structure time and data.

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase
Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase
Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

Made a couple of screenshots: the LaunchPad screen shows the most popular programs: Cloud, Dropbox, Photoshop, Image Capture. This is the four leaders, not counting Microsoft Office.

Cloud I use for screenshots in work related to development management, Dropbox serves as a repository for all the team’s common documents, and Capturing images helps to merge photos with the iPhone painlessly: sees the iPhone as a USB flash drive and I do not use iPhoto 🙂 Still here’s a good thing: https : //

I do not know if I need to admit this, but I can not make friends with Evernote at all: I do not understand why I need it … I have all my Drafts for Gmail in everything 🙂

The coolest thing is StrongVPN. Since I often work and am in publicly accessible WiFi zones, I use it for my own protection.

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

In my task pane, Chrome also has priorities: mail and calendar, all statistics, trackers, social networks, admin area, time zone comparison (because I often live in different time zones), and even have a place for Sport: this is a link to workouts on YouTube (Well, I must be in shape).

– How do you read mail? Well, messengers are also interested

About the mail, I already wrote above. This is my most important tool for interacting with the world. Everything here is clearly decomposed into folders and shortcuts, as well as filters, collecting accounts from other boxes. Still very sad about closing Labs in Gmail, there was a lot of cool 🙂

The mail at me does not close at all never. I read it almost all 24 hours a day. For me, the day off is when I do not check mail for more than 12 hours. During the night from 1-2 nights to 7-8 am comes 30-40 letters. Spam items 5-7. Half of the link to the tracker and the rest are letters on the case.

Of the messengers, I recognize only Skype. Although he began to get bogged in the last six months as inanimate, and not only me. In Gtalk they write rarely. Well, I still have Facebook for the background. I almost never turn on the invisible: I’m always online. I often even speak Skype, rather than write.

– Is the desktop clean or all in labels?

I carefully always go to the choice of covers on the desktop. And I always clean and cleaned it: everything is in the daddies in the documents. I’m an eccentric and perfectionist: that’s why I have everything in the closet, in the kitchen, and in the laptop. Without garbage: I even have an uncleaned basket annoying 🙂

If the design, then I shake all the wallpaper here – – not advertising, but I’m just all from the Minimalism section I take from there 🙂

– Gadgets and services – all electronic. Is there room for paper in your work?

Recently began to use paper. I’ve already written three notepads: usually I make notes at meetings, and then everything is transferred to the electronic world.

I also use A4, when the designer draws the layouts of the new site: I can not do it any other way. Only pencils and paper. And he then from my models makes the product. Soon the new Russian version of our will come out, drawn on paper and implemented by the designer in the web.

I love to draw and use napkins in institutions. This, for example, is pleasant “Jean-Jacques”: there instead of tablecloths sheets A3 and pencils. Dream … 🙂

And I always draw when I’m on the phone. This is #musthave

– Marousia, thanks for the good story and many details. Finally, the traditional question is: is there a configuration of a dream?

When I’m very tired, I always dream of a weekend of a “simple Soviet” person who does not have gadgets and mail. Getting on vacation, the first thing I’m looking for is wifi. Therefore, it is difficult to configure the dream.

Jobs: Marusya Podlesnova, CEO of RusBase

On the one hand, I would very much like to be far from all this electronic world and engage in farming (I’m not kidding at all), but somewhere not in Russia, but in warm Italy, for example.

At the same time as I am – and without the Internet ?! It’s impossible!

In general, it is harmful to dream. You need to set goals. Dreams – this is something quite unrealizable. And why do we need such an unrealistic, if we live in the world of zeroes and ones? 🙂