How to catch your luck by the tail and do not let go

There are several rules that will help the latest loser to turn into a lucky person, but this will have to change the way of thinking. And the point here is not in constant hard work, but in the ability to see opportunities where they are, to strive for them and use all the chances that picks up life.

Not so simple

When you think about winners and losers, successful and losers, and at the same time pay attention only to ones, you miss half of the real events. For example, you decided to open a restaurant, because there are many successful restaurants in your city. But you lose sight of the fact that there were only successful restaurants, because only they survived.

Maybe 90% of all restaurants in your city went bankrupt for the first year, and you do not know about it, because they immediately disappear from sight. As Nassim Taleb wrote in his book “The Black Swan”: “The cemetery of ruined restaurants is very quiet.”

Those who survive, begin to pour advice in the style of “how I did it”, which combine simple causes and effects. If you “get up early / do not be lazy / plan your day / set goals,” you will become a successful “businessman / writer / actor”.

If you believe these tips and think that one action leads to only one consequence, you think very low. This is such a form of delusion when you try to shove life chaos and unpredictability into an orderly structure.

But success is not linear and does not lend itself to simple logic, where from another event necessarily follows another, no less definite. As David Lee wrote, the most “resilient” entrepreneurs Do not predict events, but are able to cooperate with unpredictability.

If you express yourself metaphorically, dead ends can turn into wide avenues, if you can correctly use unpredictable events of life.

Some people can be called successful, but it will be more correct to say that they just know how to use their chance.

How to create your own luck

Psychologist Richard Wiseman did research about luck. For 10 years he watched four hundred people of different professions who called themselves lucky or losers. In his book, McRainy gives a brief description of this experiment:

In one of the experiments, Wiseman instructed the participants to count photos inside the newspaper. People who considered themselves to be terrible losers spent about 2 minutes on this task, and those who called themselves lucky, a couple of seconds. The fact is that on the second page of the newspaper he printed in huge letters “Stop counting, in the newspaper 43 photos.” Still further, on one of the pages, no lesser letters were typed: “Stop counting. Tell the experimenter that you saw this, and you will receive $ 250. ” None of the “losers” read either the first inscription or the second one, they just continued to count the pictures themselves.

So luck is what you yourself look for, looking closely at life, and, in the process of this search, you create it yourself. This is your way of thinking, it’s your actions and reactions to people and events that occur in your life.

Luck is not magic, it’s the ability to better work with the unexpected, strange and multifaceted probabilities that throw your life. David Wiseman

Fortunately, Wiseman did not limit himself to naked theory and provided several ways that help not to miss his chance. Based on his research, we can advise the following:

Use the opportunities to complete

You can not only notice and use different possibilities, but also create them yourself, or rather, do everything to let the possibilities arise. More acquaintances, meetings, openness to new ideas and projects – all this helps to get chances from life, and, of course, use them.

Listen to yourself

Lucky people never ignore their forebodings and trust them. By the way, meditation helps to pump intuition, that is, to remove unnecessary thoughts from your head and learn to listen to yourself.

Fortune Kisses Optimists

Anxiety and pessimism cloud the mind, they do not allow to see the possibilities. Quiet optimism and confidence that everything will, on the contrary, help to look for new chances and find them.