Calendars 5 – a new super calendar for iOS (+ redim-codes)

We often write about calendar applications – this is a hot topic and now there are real revolutions. Recently we talked about Any Cal’s calendar from the creators of Any.DO, which was very good. The new Calendar application Calendars 5 for the iPhone and iPad from the Odessa team Readdle turned out even better!


First, the application asks you where exactly your default calendar is located – standard or Google Calendar. By the way, the Readdle calendars always worked very cool with calendars from Google – directly, without crutches.

Photo 1

After choosing a calendar, you will be held but a little annoying trainer, which you can not miss. Perhaps this is correct, because there are a lot of cool features.

The calendar

Studying Calendars 5, I did not lose the feeling that many interface solutions were borrowed from Any Cal. Apparently it is so. But the main thing that they did not take is stagnation. Calendars 5 just flies on my 4s and working with it is really nice.

Particularly nice features:

  • the introduction of events in understandable language with a date and time that automatically build up the event (soon promise such recognition of Russian frah);
  • convenient work with hours and minutes with more accurate setting of the event;
  • quick setting of several notifications.

Events can be attached to cafes, restaurants, offices. I could not understand where I came from, but my favorite restist found it right away.

Unlike Apple’s new calendar in iOS 7, switching between calendar views – day, week, month – occurs with a single click. The look of the Agenda finally made sense. Previously, I could not use it.


There is a built-in system of simple tasks in Calendars 5. Create a task, assign a deadline and, if necessary, a reminder. Perform → pleasantly delete.

Photo 13

How to get Calendars 5

For such a steep, fast and thoughtful calendar, the price of the application is quite normal. If you tell us in the comments than you are not satisfied with the current calendar in iOS, then we will send you one of the four redeem codes that the developers gave us. The first four interesting comments will get the code. The key word here is “Interesting“.

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