5 Worthy Alternatives to Swollen Clean Master for Android

I myself never before had a shower in the Clean Master. However, the time passed, and with it the imposition of an antivirus, a floating widget, a list of recommended applications and advertising became unbearable. And I deleted Clean Master. But, as it could be assumed, a quick search on Google Play gave a number of interesting solutions.

Power Clean

In my collections I constantly include applications that are simply pleasing to the eye. No, do not think that Power Clean is good only in its appearance. The cleaner regularly removes garbage, frees up memory and, if necessary, erases personal data from the phone, like all utilities of this category. But, for my taste, Power Clean is extremely simple and well-styled, although you can not say that it is much more beautiful than others.

Avira Android Optimizer

Antivirus manufacturers are not afraid of new directions for themselves and release their own applications to optimize Android. Avira is one of them. Why do I mention exactly this cleaner, and not the extremely popular Cleaner from AVG? The decision from Avira appeared about a month ago, and for thirsty victories the youth is always interesting to watch. While Avira Android Optimizer is a fairly simple utility that does not have any settings at all. Perhaps this is an intentional desire to simplify the user’s task to the maximum (as is customary among antivirus programs), and maybe also a temporary phenomenon. The start, I thought, worthy of attention.


The famous Windows for Windows in 2014 reached Android. I have been following this application since the first public beta release, and I can say that CCleaner has added well over the past time. First of all, scanning of garbage was accelerated, and now it is within the general norm. Secondly, a couple of minor improvements appeared and the design was slightly updated. It’s safe to say that CCleaner is a good option for your smartphone. Soft corresponds to a loud developer name.

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By the way, Clean Master did not remain in debt and “in revenge” wrote a program for Windows. About this confrontation, the Lifehacker informed you.

The Cleaner

I do not presume to say why The Cleaner is so popular, but, quite possibly, because of its dissimilarity with competitors and support for themes. It can be seen that its creators perfectly worked on the appearance of the application and gave the opportunity to put it in a “skin”, which would correspond to the color preferences of the user. In other respects, The Cleaner practically does not stand out and does its main job.

SD Maid

“This is a powerful tool! Use at your own risk! “- immediately warns the author of the application. According to many advanced Android-users, SD Maid better than others copes with cleaning the system. I, an amateur, confirm this opinion, based on my own experience. Just a couple of years ago, on very modest pipes, the cleaner worked wonders, freeing up much more space than the same Clean Master. After those frontal comparisons, I was imbued with respect for SD Maid and bought its upgrade. Recently, the clinician updated his design and began to look in the spirit of the times. This software, which deserves its $ 2, even with free analogs.

And what kind of cleaners do you use?

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