How to change your location on Android and iOS

Change location on Android

You can disguise your real geo position using the Hola Fake GPS location application. After the first
run it will take a few minutes to make the necessary settings. But in the future you can almost instantly change the coordinates in a simple and convenient interface.

After installing Hola Fake GPS location, you must give the program permission to change the geo position. To do this, first click in the GO application, and then Settings – the “For Developers” section opens. Then find the item “Select applications for dummy locations” and select with it Hola Fake GPS location.

To change your location: In the GO app, touch Settings How to change the location: For Developers

Next, go to the machine settings and open the section responsible for the location settings. Here, enable the geo-position detection mode only by GPS satellites.

To change your location: Open the section that is responsible for location settings How to change the location: enable the geo-position detection mode only by GPS satellites

When you make the above settings, the application will be ready for use. To change the coordinates for all other programs with it, it is enough to select a false location on the map and press the GO button. You can choose any location around the world. To disable the coordinate submenu, press STOP.

How to change the location: Select a false location on the map and press the GO button To disable the coordinate submenu, press STOP

A false location transfer works in the background. By turning on Hola Fake GPS location, you can usually share coordinates in social networks and take new pictures in other programs. But now other users will see not your actual location and not the places in which you took the photo, but the selected coordinates.

Hola Fake GPS location can also be controlled using a special widget that appears after the program is installed on the notification panel.

If you decide to use a false geo position to unlock services that are not working in your country, you know: you probably will not get anything done. For this purpose, VPN-services are suitable.

After turning off Hola, other applications can still see fictitious coordinates. In such cases, simply restart the GPS module.

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Hola Fake GPS location is available for a paid subscription or completely free. But in the second case the program will use the computing power of your device during its idle time and a bit of traffic.

How to change the location on iOS

Unfortunately, in iOS, you can not change the location using fake GPS data. A high degree of closeness of the system does not allow installing programs from other sources, except for the official App Store, where there is no place for such tools. Apple moderators check all applications and, in the presence of violating rules, refuse to publish to the developers.

The only chance to change the location in the iPhone or iPad is to jailbreak and take advantage of one of several tweaks available in Cydia like LocationHandle or LocationFaker. However, this option is available only to users with iOS 10.2 and earlier versions that can be jailbroken.