How to install extensions to the mobile “Yandex.Browser” for Android

The functionality of desktop browsers largely depends on the installed extensions. However, in mobile versions, this feature is usually disabled. This was done to save system resources, the excess of which until recently, mobile technology could not boast.

Modern smartphones in terms of their capabilities are no worse than desktops and can cope with “heavy” programs. The developers of Yandex.Browser were the first to pay attention to this and decided to allow users to use extensions in the mobile version of their program.

extensions for Yandex browser extensions for Yandex browser

To install the extension, simply open the main program menu and select the “Add-ons” item. You will be redirected to the extension page where at the bottom you should click on the link to go to the online directory.

Yandex.Browser ghostery addon Yandex.Browser addon options

After selecting and installing the extensions you need, they appear on the service page, which we mentioned just above. Here, if necessary, you can change the settings of add-ons, temporarily disable them or even delete them altogether.

Yandex.Browser extension menu Yandex.Browser addons button

In desktop browsers, extension icons are usually displayed on the toolbar. In the mobile version of the place for them, of course, was not found, but the developers of “Yandeks.Brauser” found a way out of the situation. All icons are conveniently placed in the menu “Add-ons” and are available in just two touches. Some of them are also able to display the necessary information directly over the open page. For example, Ghostery shows the number of locked items using the floating icon.

Installing extensions to the mobile version of the browser will help you not only to provide it with missing functionality, but also save a lot of space in the device’s memory. Many of the existing add-ons can completely replace the usual add-ons, but weigh a lot less. For example, the mobile client Pocket has a size of 36.6 MB, and the addition takes only 1.5 MB. The popular password manager Last Pass weighs 31.54 MB, while the addition will require only 18.3 MB.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that not all extensions from the catalog can work in the mobile version of Yandex.Browser. Therefore, you need to try and experiment on your own. Write to us in the comments, which of the extensions you managed to run in the mobile version of the browser.

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