NetGuard: blocking ads on Android without root-rights

According to a recent study, when viewing news sites, advertising consumes up to 79% of mobile traffic. So it’s no surprise that users are looking for a way to block it. The most effective ways to block advertising work, as a rule, only on devices with root-rights. However, the presence of superuser rights can make your gadget more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Remember at least the last case, when the virus took money from customers of the Savings Bank.

Therefore, we could not ignore the emergence of the program NetGuard, which can block advertising on smartphones and tablets running Android and does not require any additional privileges.

The NetGuard application was initially positioned as a software firewall for Android. With it, you can fine-tune permissions and rules of behavior for all applications you have installed. This helps users to reduce the consumption of mobile traffic, save battery power and protect their privacy.

NetGuard: blocking ads on Android without root-rights NetGuard for Android

In new versions of NetGuard, there is an additional feature that allows you to block advertisements. However, the creators of the program felt that it might not like Google, and wisely did not spread it into a company-owned application store. Therefore, for downloading NetGuard with an ad blocker, you need to go to this link. If you just want a firewall, then use the old version of the program, which is still available on Google Play.

NetGuard is able, among other things, to log the network connections, deny connection to specific addresses, notify when an application communicates with a remote server. The program is free, has open source code and several different themes.