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Yesterday we informed you that mail.ru launched a cloud – file hosting, which is intended to become a file sharing center for users of the mail system living in the ecosystem and, probably, other services of the holding company. We are not an ardent supporter of the company’s products, but, not being able to resist the file “limit” of 100 GB, we decided to check for the applicability of this tool as a spare. Naturally, in the head of the assumption of a complete move, which I wanted to check.

In fairness it is worth saying that you are not getting 100 GB, but 10. 100 GB still need to earn and make it very simple. Everything explains this picture-quest, which you need to go through:

On the left you will go - 100 GB you will find ...
On the left you will go – 100 GB you will find …

Put the software client on the computer, put the mobile application and include in it the backup of photos from the phone. Leave a tip is unclear for whom and tweet on Twitter – the quest is passed and you have 100 GB in the cloud 🙂

Desktop client

The desktop client for OSX is the icon in the menu bar. No additional interface is provided. And it is right. Additionally, a folder is created in your working folder, into which the files put in the mail cloud merge. If you put something in this folder, it will be in the same cloud. Here everything is exactly like with Dropbox. If you worked with him, then there will be no questions. I did not find the tools for working with versioning files. Probably it is not provided – yet or at all I do not know.

the size of the files to upload to the Cloud is unlimited!

It is worth saying that when installing the client, I was not put Guard, did not hover the Agent, did not impose toolbars, browsers and settings. I hope that when you exit the beta, the situation will not deteriorate. While everything is clean, in the best traditions of your favorite services.


But there was a client without a strange one – after filling out photos from the phone he showed me this picture.

80 GB of 100 ?! ORLY?
80 GB of 100 ?! ORLY?

Mobile Client

That’s how I wrote about him on Facebook:

Post by Slava Baranskyi.

In general, the application for iOS is very agile, very tidy and working with it is nice, if only because it does just what it needs and nothing more – it fills backup photos with Camera Roll, scans files and allows them to be shared easily and quickly. While it is not available in the App Store and Google Play, you can get it by inviting.

Web Part

The web version of the cloud from the email is a place where you will not spend much time. Here you can organize folders (it is more convenient locally), view files (it is more convenient locally) and share it with someone on the Internet.

Screenshot 2013-08-26 18.19.47

Screenshot 2013-08-26 18.22.24

Through the web-interface you can download a file no larger than 2 GB, if you use a desktop client, then the file size is unlimited.

Replacing Dropbox?

The main question that needs to be answered is whether we will replace the [email protected] Dropbox. If the required size of the file system is ≈100GB, then the Cloud is better. Because the same decision on 100GB from Dropbox will cost $ 99 / year. Immediately it’s free. Compared to Yandex.Disk, its only advantage is the support for WebDAV and Windows RT (if you understand what we are talking about;).

If your tasks – synchronization of large files between users of the workgroup on the Internet, then look at the Cloud – it can close all your needs. … as soon as it comes out of beta.

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