ZenMate – Free VPN for Google Chrome

One of the best ways to protect your connection from various threats and threats is to use a VPN (virtual private network). This way you can avoid many common forms of attacks, secure a quiet job in public networks and even gain access to sites blocked in your country. What has recently become more relevant.

With the extension for Chrome ZenMate you can surf the Internet on a special secure encrypted channel, which will ensure you anonymity and security. In addition, the address of your location can be disguised as a resident of US, UK, Germany, Switzerland or Hong Kong. This will help you to reach out to sites banned in your country if necessary.


The great thing about ZenMate is that it does not require configuration at all.

You just install the corresponding extension from the Google Web Store, then click on the new icon in the control panel and enter your mailing address for registration on the page that opens (login and password for the login will be sent by letter). Right after that we can already use a safe and fast enough connection through the ZenMate virtual network.

In the process of testing, it was revealed that ZenMate exhibits the best speed when working through an American address, but from Germany and the United Kingdom connection is made with some delays. However, for most common tasks this speed is quite enough.

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