15 gadgets that will be useful for every motorist

1. The DVR

gadgets for cars: registrar

Controversial events on the roads, the actions of intruders and illegal actions of traffic police officers are far from a complete list of problems that a driver may encounter along the way. Not surprisingly, DVRs have become so popular. After all, the recording of traffic events can become that necessary proof that will help the owner of the car avoid false accusations or bring to justice the real violators.

2. Starting-charging device

gadgets for car: charger

There are situations when the battery does not have enough charge to start a car. Especially often this happens in the winter due to the effects of cold. If the problem arises far from populated areas and busy roads, then the driver can face very unpleasant consequences.

Foreseeable owners of cars just in case take portable start-charging devices. Such a device will charge the battery and help start the engine if the charge suddenly runs out.

3. GPS-navigator

gadgets for cars: navigator

Modern GPS-navigators are able to search for the requested addresses, plot routes, display traffic data, parking lots, fuel stations and other objects relevant to the driver. With such a gadget it’s hard to get lost, wherever you go.

4. Universal car holder

car gadgets: car holder

A decent alternative to a GPS-navigator can serve as a tablet or a smartphone with special maps loaded into it. To use the gadget for this purpose, it is enough to buy an auto holder – a mobile mount that will fix the device in the desired position. Universal holders are adjusted to the size of the devices, and therefore suitable for different models of tablets and smartphones.

5. Universal power adapter

gadgets for car: power adapter

Hardly anyone will be happy if the phone is discharged on the way. Fortunately, there are car power adapters that plug into the cigarette lighter of the car and charge the mobile device batteries from it. Universal adapters have USB ports, and therefore are suitable for a large number of gadgets, regardless of model and manufacturer.

6. Mirrors of the blind zone

Car Gadgets: Mirrors

Anyone with at least minimal driving experience knows that the conventional side mirrors do not give a full overview of the space around the machine. There is a so-called blind (dead) zone, which is not reflected in them. Expand the angle of view to some extent, additional mirrors can be attached to the standard. Such accessories are called mirrors of the blind zone.

7. Device for emergency exit from the car

gadgets for car: device for emergency exit

The driver should be ready for anything. Including, for urgent evacuation from the car, if an accident occurred and is inside dangerous for life. For this, you can also find a special tool. On sale there are key rings, which combine a knife for seat belts and hammers for glass. Perhaps, such a device will not be superfluous.

8. Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

gadgets for cars: car vacuum cleaner

When it comes to cleaning in the car, it’s hard to overestimate such an assistant as a car vacuum cleaner. This compact device will quickly get rid of sand, hair and other small but numerous sorines that have fallen on the seats and other surfaces.

9. Radar detector

Gadgets for cars: radar

The radar detector detects signals from police radar and warns the driver about them. With this device, lovers of fast driving avoid unwanted fines.

But the radar detectors have positive examples of use. Because of them, people rarely exceed speed and drive slower on dangerous sections of the road, if there are police radars.

10. GPS beacon

gadgets for cars: lighthouse

When intruders steal a car, the owner remains to report to the police and hope for the best. But if in the car the tracking device is hidden, the victim has more chances for a positive outcome.

Such a device can be a well-hidden GPS beacon. This miniature standalone gadget periodically sends its current coordinates to a user’s computer or smartphone.

11. Breathalyzer

Gadgets for cars: Breathalyzer

If, after taking alcohol, several hours pass and you feel completely sober, this does not mean that the test of the traffic police will show the same. To make sure the permissible amount of alcohol in the body, you can use an alcohol test. This small device analyzes the exhaled air and shows the degree of intoxication.

12. Manometer

Gadgets for cars: manometer

The tire pressure level affects the fuel consumption, wear and responsiveness of the car on the road, which is why it is extremely important to monitor this indicator. Automotive manometers are used for this task. Thanks to this measuring device, the driver can quickly understand whether it is worth pumping the wheels or not.

13. Parktronic

gadgets for cars: parktronic

Electronic parking system, or parktronic, helps the driver avoid collisions with other cars and other objects in conditions of limited space. For example, in parking lots.

Parktronic sensors, mounted on the bumper, determine the distance to the neighboring object and transmit it to the monitor, supplementing the information with warning audible signals. Installation of such a system requires special knowledge, without which the car owner is better to apply for installation to professionals.

14. The spykerphone

gadgets for car: speakerphone

As you know, talking on the phone at the wheel is unsafe and also not very convenient. The situation is changing car speakerphones – speakerphones. Such a gadget, being attached in a driver’s seat, synchronizes with its smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to answer calls almost without hands using speakers and a microphone. For greater convenience, such systems are announced by the names of callers or their telephone numbers.

15. Bluetooth adapter

Gadgets for car: Bluetooth-adapter

If the car stereo does not support wireless connection with the smartphone, you can establish communication between them using a Bluetooth adapter. It allows you to listen to music downloaded to your mobile device through the car’s speakers. The adapter is connected to the audio connector of the radio with the cable, and to the smartphone via the Bluetooth wireless channel.

What are the useful gadgets for a car you use? Share in the comments.