Top 5 YouTube channels for learning German

1. German for 16 hours

Dmitry Petrov’s courses offer an original method, thanks to which you can learn the basics of the language in just 16 lessons. The method is tested on a huge number of students and brings very good results. This is the ideal way to get the basic knowledge in the shortest possible time. The most pleasant thing is that all the lessons of the course are available for free viewing.

“Polyglot 16” with Petrov →

2. Get Germanized

The creator and only presenter of this channel set an ambitious goal not only to teach the German language, but also help to better understand Germany. To do this, he lays out a lot of commercials devoted to national traditions, cultural characteristics and nuances of life in this country.

The channel is intended primarily for those who know English well and want to learn German as a second foreign language. New videos are published every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Get Germanized →

3. German language from Germany

The host of the channel is a professional teacher, a native speaker of the German language. Its main goal is to teach students new words and grammatical rules, as well as popularize the German language in Russian-speaking society. After all, it’s no secret that now first of all they try to learn English, and German remains somewhat in the shade.

This project will help dispel the myth that the German is a very terrible and complex language, which is almost impossible to learn.

“German language from Germany” →

4. Deutsch für Euch

If you are bored with standard textbooks with monotonous exercises, then try switching to this channel. His young charming host will make even the most difficult material fascinating.

The main theme of the channel Deutsch für Euch is a grammar, and in this it has no equal on YouTube. The channel contains several hundred videos, covering almost all the main points necessary for mastering the German language.

Deutsch für Euch →

5. StartLingua

This channel contains video lessons, exercises and just interesting reports about Germany. All classes are conducted by native speakers, so you can not only learn the grammar rules, but also hear the correct pronunciation of words. There is also a small section with audiobooks, which is useful for training the comprehension skill by ear.

StartLingua →