5 applications for direct sending files from iOS to Android

Thanks to the development of instant messengers and social networks, we can easily exchange messages, photos and videos with users regardless of the OS they use. However, with poor Internet or its complete absence, file transfer, especially large ones, will become a real problem. And yet there is a solution – these are applications that transfer files from the device to the device directly, that is, without the Internet.


This application is one of the most popular. It works on the principle of drag’n’drop and supports any type of files. You only need to enable the search and drag the desired file to the icon of the device found. To work, the application must be installed on both devices, but since Instashare is available for all popular platforms, this is not a problem. An excellent option for older devices without the support of AirDrop and Bluetooth LE.

Fast File Transfer

This application is installed on the Android device and allows you to create a Wi-Fi network to which the iOS device already connects. Within this network, at a short distance, you can exchange files. Exchange is carried out using QR-codes, so on the iOS-device must be a QR-reader (any one is suitable). The link to downloading is contained in the code, after reading the file transfer begins.


Feem works the same as Instashare, sending files over the local network. In this case, of course, the application must be installed on iOS and Android-devices. Each of them gets its own login, after learning which, you can send files to the device.


This application also has a similarity with Instashare, but, unlike it, is completely free, does not contain advertising and does not have any restrictions on the size of the transferred files. The devices are connected to each other directly over a wireless local area network. The built-in file browser allows you to easily view your photos and videos, and if necessary – save to “Camera Roll”.


And one more application from this category. SHAREit also connects devices directly, and therefore does not consume your Internet traffic. All devices with SHAREit installed can find each other automatically, if they are in the visibility zone. In addition, the application allows you to simultaneously not only transfer, but also receive files, so that the exchange will occur faster.

In conclusion, I want to say that due to iOS limitations, developers have to go to various tricks to implement direct transfer of files from the device to the device (and even more so on other platforms) by the meager opportunities that they have at their disposal. Most applications work on the same principle, they require installed software on both devices and differ only visually. So choose based on your taste.

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