Meitu is an application that turns you into an anime character

The application has a convenient desktop where all the functions that the owner of a smartphone or tablet can use are presented.

Application: interface Application: desktop

In the Edit section, settings similar to those found in all popular photo editors are hidden. You can easily adjust the exposure, change the contrast, saturation and sharpness of the picture, amplify or smooth out the shadows, and so on.

Here there is a huge number of filters with which you can experiment endlessly.

Application: photo filters Application: photo filters

The Camera function, according to the developers, allows you to make “professional snapshots.” Meitu contains more than 50 filters (including separate for shooting portraits, landscapes, food and other objects) that are applied in real time. Also, the camera has a timer for three and six seconds: during this time you can run away and take the right pose.

You can write a separate ode to the function Retouch, which allows you to remove unnecessary background, align the skin, remove acne, bags and dark circles under the eyes, apply makeup, look slimmer, and – if desired – lengthen your legs.

The Hand-drawn function makes it possible to turn into an anime heroine, become an angel, a mermaid or a baroness with one touch. The spectacle is fascinating.

Application: photo filters

Finally, after the photo is brought to the desired condition, you can add stickers to it. You can also make a collage and, of course, send it to a social network.

The developers promise that filters, effects, backgrounds and frames will be updated daily.

Updated. Network users suspected Meitu of collecting personal data and potential damage. Yes, indeed, in addition to standard access to the camera, the Internet and gadget memory, the application asks to indicate the name of the mobile operator and to clarify whether the smartphone or tablet was jailbroken.

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Representatives of the company explained that the data is collected in order to optimize the performance of the application and to learn how users interact with advertising. Details are in the Meitu Privacy Policy.

Many experts have already stated that the application does not ask for anything extraordinary and does not meet the recommendations of the App Store and Google Play for developers.

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