How to cook delicious shish kebab in the oven: 3 proven methods

How to cook shish kebab in the oven: general recommendations

1. For a shish kebab choose fresh pork, beef, chicken or lamb without skins and foil. But small layers of fat are welcome: they will make the shish kebab safer.

2. Do not cut meat too small pieces, otherwise the shish kebab can turn out to be dry. The ideal size of meat cubes is about 3-5 cm.

3. To make ready-made meat juicy and aromatic, first it needs to marinate. Here are a few recipes for an excellent marinade:

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4. The smell of smoking can be achieved with the help of liquid smoke. It can be added directly to the marinade, poured into a pan if you cook a shish kebab on skewers or in the sleeve, or on the bottom of the jar. For 1 kg of meat use 1 teaspoon of liquid smoke.

How to cook shish kebab on skewers

Shish kebab on skewers turns out almost the same roast and juicy, as a shish kebab from a brazier.

Usual skewers hardly get into the oven, so alternatively use wooden skewers. So that they do not catch fire, soak them in water for 20-30 minutes just before cooking shish kebab.

Then do not put too much marinated meat on the skewers. You can alternate pieces with onion rings from the same marinade or with other vegetables, for example with tomato slices or bell pepper.

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How to cook a shish kebab in the oven: plant marinated meat on skewers

Skewers with meat can be laid directly on the grill in the oven, putting a baking sheet under it, so that excess juice drips there. Or put them on a narrow baking sheet or shape so that the ends of the skewers are placed on the edges of the dishes. It turns out a kind of mini-barbecue.

In both cases, it is better to cover the baking sheets with foil, so that they do not have to be washed for a long time.

Chicken shish kebab in the oven should be cooked at a temperature of 200 ° C, and shish kebab from other meat – at 230-240 ° C. Due to strong heating, the meat will be covered with a ruddy crust, but inside it will remain juicy: liquid will not evaporate from it.

Put the shish kebab in a preheated oven for 20-30 minutes. It may take a little longer, depending on the type and freshness of the meat.

How to cook a shish kebab in the oven on skewers: Put the shish kebab in a preheated oven for 20-30 minutes

Periodically turn the meat over and water it with water or the remaining marinade. You can check the readiness of the shish kebab by cutting the meat a little. It should be well baked.

How to cook shish kebab in a jar

The shish kebab from the jar is incredibly tasty and it turns out very juicy. It will not be as roasted as a regular shish kebab. But if you really want to make an appetizing crust, then after cooking you can fry the meat in a frying pan.

Pieces of meat in exactly the same way as in the first method, put on the skewers. Then put them in clean dry jars with a volume of 3-5 liters. The size of the jar will depend on the length of the skewers and the amount of meat on them. In one can fit not more than five skewers.

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For a more saturated flavor, you can put marinated or roasted onions on the bottom.

How to cook a shish kebab in a can in the oven: put skewers with meat in clean dry jars with a volume of 3-5 liters

Seal the cans with foil and make a few small punctures in it. This is necessary so that extra steam can escape from the can.

How to cook a shish kebab in the oven in a jar

You can put the jars in a cold oven, otherwise the glass may burst if the temperature drops sharply. Then set the temperature at 200 ° C and leave the meat for an hour.

After that, turn off the oven, but do not open it and do not take out the jars for about 15-20 minutes. Again, because of the temperature difference.

When the jars get a little cool, gently grab each dry towel and take it out of the oven.

How to cook shish kebab in the sleeve

As already mentioned, the onion is capable of giving the meat an incredibly delicious flavor. Now imagine what the smell will be if you use a lot of onions.

For 1 kg of meat, enough 4-6 large bulbs, but you can take more. Cut the onions into half rings, put them in a colander and pour over the boiling water to make the bitterness go away. Then add to it 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, salt to taste and a few tablespoons of water. Leave the onion for an hour.

Then place the onions in a baking sleeve and spread almost the entire length. Top with the pickled meat, do not mix it with onions. Tie up the package and make a few punctures in it.

How to cook shish kebab in the sleeve

Put the meat pan in a preheated oven to 220 ° C for an hour. And to make a shish kebab turned roasted, cut the sleeve and leave in the oven for another 20-30 minutes.

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How to cook a shish kebab in the oven: to make a shish kebab turned roasted, cut the sleeve and leave in the oven for another 20-30 minutes

The shish kebab in the sleeve turns out fragrant and well baked. However, it will not be covered with the same crust as the meat cooked on the grill.

If you are going to do shish kebab in nature, be sure to check out this video of the Lifehacker:

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