Spark for Mac – free email client, which is nice to use

If you already use Spark on iOS, then the setting of the desktop client will take a few seconds. The application picks up data from your Apple ID, and all you need to do to get started is enter a password from one of your email accounts. After that, Spark synchronizes all the settings and decomposes the mail on the shelves.

Spark for Mac

Order in the incoming guided by an intelligent algorithm, which is a key feature of Spark and allows you not to waste time on mailings and any spam. In Smart Inbox, letters are grouped into several categories (Personal, Distribution, Notifications, Stapled), and the last three messages are displayed in each. Due to this, the tape is not cluttered and just one glance is enough to understand the current state of affairs. Adherents of the classic Inbox folder will simply need to switch to the corresponding section: there all letters are displayed by the date of receipt.

Spark for Mac: an intelligent algorithm

There are several ways to interact with messages. After viewing from the Smart Inbox, they are automatically read and moved to the bottom of the screen, making room for other messages. The familiar swipe gestures allow you to configure four select actions, for the rest there are buttons on the panel and a right-click context menu. All the usual functions are available, including the already almost mandatory “Delay”. For her, by the way, there are flexible settings and notifications.

Spark for Mac: quick response

As in the mobile version, desktop Spark also can switch signatures, send invitations to meetings and respond to interlocutors with quick answers, which are something like emoji. There are aliases, folders and hotkeys, and at once several layouts depending on your habits.

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Of the other strengths of the application, a separate praise deserves an extensive list of third-party services integrated with Spark, as well as a huge number of settings that allow you to specify how and what will be displayed and work in the interface.

Spark for Mac: Settings

By the minuses can be attributed except that the lack of custom filters. This is the only thing I really missed in the application for a week of beta testing. If you have a lot of accounts and different subscriptions, each of which has separate rules configured, it will be a little inconvenient. However, this is just the first version. Most likely, this function will appear in future updates.

Whatever it was, the application leaves an exceptionally positive impression, like all Readdle products. It looks good, works well and makes an excellent pair to its mobile companion.

Spark for Mac supports iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo and other email services. The application is completely free and available for macOS 10.11 and later.

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