Why we are lazy and what to do about it

Laziness or procrastination?

To begin with, let’s talk about laziness and procrastination in general, as sometimes these concepts are equalized.

Laziness – Lack of desire to act, work, inclination to idleness (Explanatory Dictionary of Ozhegov).

Procrastination – the propensity to permanently postpone even important and urgent cases, leading to life problems and painful psychological effects (“Wikipedia”).

If you translate concepts into a more understandable language, you immediately see a difference. Laziness is an unwillingness to do anything, and procrastination is a postponement of affairs, and often this is also referred to as switching attention to devourers of time like surfing on the Internet or social networks. We will talk with you about laziness and how to overcome it.

In most cases, laziness is a consequence of the problem, not its cause or essence. We will figure out what causes can lead to the state of a-Ob Obam.

Why are we lazy?

Causes of laziness

No interest in cases

Often refers to home affairs, household routine, interaction with government agencies and banks, boring assignments for work. Remember: in school, you have easier started lessons on subjects that you liked, and postponed or did not make boring for you at all. You are older, and the approach has remained the same. I myself at the thought of another campaign in the traffic police appears drowsy, although the replacement of rights now takes no more than half an hour.

No energy

It’s not just about physical, but about emotional energy. If you are tired at work or from the road, where do the forces come from, not just feats, but ordinary life with its cycle of events?

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I went to study and work on electric trains for 12 years and I can say for sure: the road is exhausting the same way as training. It does not matter that you just sit. This time magically takes power. Arriving home, you are unlikely to think: “And I’ll see if I’m a film in English.” The thought of such a load starts to hurt your head.

There is no purpose and understanding why you need to do something.

This problem is the most common. For example, you are offered at work to participate in a new project. Prospects for development are not defined, there is no foreclosure, and in everyday life you do not want to waste time on such a project.

Is it possible not to be lazy when there is at least one of the above reasons? Yes this is a direct guide to laziness!

What to do with it

How to stop being lazy

Important: we will solve problems with the third, not with the first.

If there is no goal and understanding, why you need to do something

Set Goals

Even if you do not want to engage in planning, sum up, and so on, do it just to fight laziness. One-time. Write, from what eyes burn. What causes the joy and anticipation to proceed as soon as possible (now nobody will force you to do this). Write about what gives energy. Give yourself a day to record goals, take your time, leave time for laziness.

Sift unnecessary

After drawing up the list of goals, take a pen and select those goals that you came up with and do not want to reach it. For example, your mother taught you to meet her husband from work with a hot dinner, but in fact he does not need it, and you do not want to have such a life-setting. Or phytonashes from the Internet insist that three power and two cardio equilibria are necessary in a week. And you try, but you just can not keep up with this goal. She’s not yours. It’s not for you personally to maintain health and shape you need so much training. This figure has nothing to do with you, just like the imposed goal.

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Mark all similar goals in the list. Take your time, think about where the goals came from, whose ideas they are.

Clean your head

If you at least once did the analysis of the wardrobe, then you are familiar with this sense of relief, when all unnecessary, unsuitable, spoiled things no longer lie in cargo, but disappear from life. And everything that remains, – ideally sits, is suitable for cut and flowers to you. We will do the same work with goals.

All unnecessary and unimportant goals should be removed or reshaped for themselves.

On an example of the same domestic vanity: determine what result you need. Change the bar to a level of comfort when the target stops scary. For example, “Every day a fresh dinner ready at 19:00 and a wet cleaning” can be replaced with “Get out as necessary and cook dinner three times a week, leaving a serving the next day or ordering food delivery.” Those goals and tasks that will remain, and must be fulfilled.

If there is no energy

How to overcome laziness

Determine at what time of the day you are more productive, how much time you need for sleep, when you need to do certain routine tasks. Proceeding from this, make your schedule so that there is always time for rest.

Every day you must have a personal time to reboot. If it seems that it is not there, revise the plans again – it only seems to you. Without quality rest, you can not do anything.

If there is no interest in cases

This item is often irrelevant, if all of the above is done. After all, you left things that you really like and without which you can not, such as cleaning. And then there comes a moment for one more little rule.

On the way to achieve the most important, most cherished goal, some tasks will be routine and a bit boring.

Before getting money for selling the iPhone, Steve Jobs spent a lot of unpleasant hours in discussions, disputes and agonies, how to make the product even better. Every time, releasing a new model, he had to test the pressure of fans of Apple technology. Are these moments from the biography of Jobs the most enjoyable? Is the product discussion clock always happy? But, when there is a goal, it is worth understanding what you are willing to give to achieve it. Let the routine into your life, let yourself be bored. This will allow the brain to have a better rest and generate more ideas.

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