Rapidly change the sound volume in Windows with VolumeTouch

The free utility VolumeTouch does one simple thing – it allows you not to distract from a particular job and not looking for a small speaker in the system panel, to increase or decrease the sound without looking at using the mouse and keyboard. For those who like to work under your favorite music – it’s a great way to control the sound level in a literal sense without stopping from work.

By default, the program is configured to control the mouse wheel in combination with the Ctrl + Shift keys, but this choice can be easily changed if it does not suit you.

VolumeTouch keyboard menu

In addition, the program can not only monitor the scrolling of the mouse wheel, but also use it together with hotkeys:

VolumeTouch mouse menu

The VolumeTouch program requires the installation of Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. However, now it is difficult to find a Windows-machine where it would not be installed.

VolumeTouch Controls Volume with Your Mouse, Keyboard [FreewareGenius]

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