50 cool things with AliExpress cheaper than 500 rubles

1. Toroflux


An unusual kinetic toy, which is an improved version of the well-known spring of the slinky.

The price: 320 rubles.

2. Insoles with heating

Insoles heated

Excellent thing for cold autumn or winter evenings. Powered by USB.

The price: 298 rubles.

3. Electrolastic


Why strain when there is an automated version?

The price: 272 rubles.

4. Cover on the steering wheel

Cover on the steering wheel

A simple and comfortable silicone pad that adds bright colors to the interior of your car.

The price: 352 rubles.

5. Cabinet lamp

Lamp for cabinet

Comfortable lighting for cabinets, which is fixed directly to the loop.

The price: 342 rubles.

6. A device for preparing rolls

The device for preparation of rolls

A special device that allows you to prepare delicious rolls at home.

Price: 306 rubles.

7. Flat jar

Flat jar

A convenient flask that does not take up any space at all and fits freely in your pocket.

The price: 370 rubles.

8. Circular knife

Circular knife

An unusual knife for fast cutting of greens and vegetables.

The price: 433 rubles.

9. Dispenser for toothpicks

Dispenser for toothpicks

A nice dispenser in the form of an iron-bound barrel with automatic feeding.

The price: 380 rubles.

10. The puzzle “Tangram”

An excellent wooden toy that will help stretch the gyrus.

The price: 239 rubles.

11. Universal cable

Universal cable

Convenient charging cable with retractor. Connectors: microUSB and Lightning.

The price: 236 rubles.

12. Glove with mirror

Glove with mirror

A glove with a folding rear-view mirror for those who do not have a regular bicycle.

The price: 468 rubles.

13. Maps


A deck of original plastic cards in black.

Price: 450 rubles.

14. Mini-razor


Compact folding razor in the form factor of the credit card.

The price: 309 rubles.

15. The spirograph


A template for drawing fascinating spirals.

The price: 362 rubles.

16. Sports bottle

Sports bottle

Bottle for fruit or plain water with a handy strap.

The price: 363 rubles.

17. Pocket chess

Pocket Chess

Compact chess on magnets with a folding board.

The price: 372 rubles.

18. Brush roller

Brush roller

Roller brush for cleaning clothes, carpets and other things.

The price: 348 rubles.

19. Umbrella Banana

Umbrella Banana

A creative yellow umbrella with a handle and a cover in the form of a banana.

The price: 474 rubles.

20. Machine for Rolls

Roll Machine

A simple device for rolling rolls.

The price: 274 rubles.

21. Scissors with a laser sight

Scissors with laser sight

Tool in case you need to cut something as accurately as possible.

The price: 347 rubles.

22. Automatic cup

Automatic cup

A lazy cup, in which you can stir tea or coffee at the touch of a button.

The price: 456 rubles.

23. Trimmer


A simple beard and hair trimmer with several nozzles.

Price: 310 rubles.

24. Skewer fork


Skewers that are great for chicken wings and other dishes from small pieces of meat.

The price: 332 rubles.

25. RGB-lamp


A small lamp with a remote that allows you to turn the light on and off, and also choose the color of the glow.

The price: 189 rubles.

26. Foldable bucket

Foldable bucket

A wonderful bucket for fishing, trekking and any other way out to nature.

The price: 352 rubles.

27. Pineapple Slicer

Slicer for pineapple

A device that allows you to clean and cut pineapple in a few seconds.

The price: 348 rubles.

28. Ledostups


Shoe pads with spikes, which you can safely walk on the ice.

The price: 277 rubles.

29. Road cutlery

Road cutlery

A very convenient set of folding forks, spoons and sticks in a compact case.

The price: 210 rubles.

30. Gas soldering iron

Gas soldering iron

Butane soldering iron, which is useful in the household.

The price: 394 rubles.

31. The harmonica

The harmonica

A good tool for beginners with a plastic case included.

The price: 474 rubles.

32. Waterproof flash drive

Waterproof flash drive

Metal flash drive curved shape, which is not afraid of water.

Price: 360 rubles.

33. Travel Organizer

Travel Organizer

A small handbag with many offices, where you can put all the necessary accessories.

The price: 246 rubles.

34. Scales


Precise kitchen scales with a metal surface.

The price: 474 rubles.

35. Charging


A powerful adapter for charging gadgets with three ports and a display.

The price: 482 rubles.

36. Bracelet

A bracelet

Beautiful braided bracelet with a seamless metal latch.

The price: 342 rubles.

37. Head lamp

Head Torch

A bright lantern with a comfortable headband, with which hands will be free.

The price: 414 rubles.

38. Wooden Butterfly

Wooden Butterfly

A beautiful accessory, suitable for different styles of clothing.

The price: 293 rubles.

39. Turbocharger

Turbo Lighter

Powerful lighter with three nozzles, which does not go out in the wind.

The price: 216 rubles.

40. Mug with a carbine

Mug with carabiner

Sturdy mug made of stainless steel with carabiner handle. Ideal for hiking and outing.

The price: 280 rubles.

41. Pictures


Minimalistic paintings, which, if desired, can be combined into a modular composition.

The price: 333 rubles.

42. Docking station

Dock station

Convenient dock for iPhone with cable included.

The price: 177 rubles.

43. Claws for meat

Claws for meat

The adaptation with which the cutting of meat becomes easier and more convenient.

The price: 485 rubles.

44. Catapult for delicacies

Catapult for delicacies

A small device for launching feed and promoting while playing or training pets.

The price: 207 rubles.

45. Headphones


Decent in-channel headphones with excellent sound quality.

The price: 408 rubles.

46. ​​Gas burner


Butane burner with adjustable flame, which is put directly on the gas cylinder.

The price: 357 rubles.

47. Scraper with heating

Scraper with heating

Ideal tool for cleaning car windows from ice.

The price: 417 rubles.

48. A set of bags

A set of bags

Bags for sorting goods in the supermarket.

The price: 433 rubles.

49. Disco lamp

Disco Lamp

A simple way to turn any party into a real light show.

The price: 345 rubles.

50. Dispenser for beverages

Dispenser for beverages

An interesting thing that allows you to pour drinks from bottles with a crane.

Price: 226 rubles.

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