INFOGRAPHIC: How to quickly find the right size of a bra with adjacent sizes

Today we will tell you how to choose the right and comfortable bra, as well as how to quickly find a replacement for the current size, if your parameters have changed. The size and shape of a woman’s breasts may change with time. Causes: loss or weight gain, the presence or absence of training, the use of drugs that affect the hormonal background, as well as pregnancy and feeding.

Few women know that there are so-called adjacent dimensions. They are useful to know in order to choose a sconce, sitting perfectly, if that habitual size that you wear has ceased to be convenient for you.

We have prepared an infographic that will help you to understand the intricacies of choosing the right size for you, and quickly determine the adjacent dimensions.

Note: the European size is indicated in the infographics. You can know it as Russian or international. This size is marked by bras sold in Russia and in some online stores.

Click on the infographics to view it in large size.

Adjacent bra sizes


  1. If the grasp of the sconce is suitable, but there are problems with the cup, then change the size of the letter, but not the number (for example, if 80C does not fit, then try 80B or 80D).
  2. If the girth does not fit, change the letter and number. For example, you can go from 80C to 85B or 75D).
  3. If neither the cup nor the girth from the current sconce is suitable, then the size only change the number, but not the letter (for example, from the size 80C go to 75C or 85C).

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Useful information for girls buying underwear on the Internet

Not all girls buy underwear in real stores, with the opportunity to try on before buying. Many and many girls now order underwear in online stores. How not to be mistaken in this case? What if the size is specified in another, unusual system?

Let’s start in order. Firstly, the sizes can be not only European, but also English, American and French (the most common). If the site on which you buy one of these systems with the sizes, then the conversion tables of the size below will help you. Knowing your European size, you can always translate it into English (UK size), American (US size) or French using this table.

International (Russian) England (UK) United States (US) France
70A 32A 32A 85A
70B 32B 32B 85B
70C 32C 32C 85C
70D 32D 32D 85D
70DD 32DD 32DD 85DD
75A 34A 34A 90A
75B 34B 34B 90B
75C 34C 34C 90C
75D 34D 34D 90D
75DD 34DD 34DD 90DD
80A 36A 36A 95A
80B 36B 36B 95B
80C 36C 36C 95C
80D 36D 36D 95D
80DD 36DD 36DD 95DD
85A 38A 38A 100A
85B 38B 38B 100B
85C 38C 38C 100C
85D 38D 38D 100D
85DD 38DD 38DD 100DD
90A 40A 40A 105A
90B 40B 40B 105B
90C 40C 40C 105C
90D 40D 40D 105D
90DD 40DD 40DD 105DD

Also in the network there is an excellent size converter, which allows you to translate them, including in both Australian and Italian formats.

Important point: when buying underwear on the Internet, do not be lazy, look for reviews about your chosen brand and store. Perhaps, it is this line of linen from the brand you choose that is larger or smaller.

If you have never ordered from the selected brand, look at the table for determining the sizes on their site, check if the size you determined is the same as what was produced by the brand’s standards. Focus on the table of brand sizes in case you see a difference here.

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Information, for girls with cup sizes starting with D

Girls with a cup size starting from D and above, the problem with determining the size is much larger than the rest. You need to be especially careful and determine the dimensions repeatedly for each manufacturer. Different manufacturers of underwear of large sizes indicate different (their) size, which sometimes does not correlate with each other.

And here is the list of brands producing underwear with large and very large cups: Natory, Fantasie, Chantelle, Miss Mandalay, Bravissimo, Freya, Panache, Bare Plus from Bare Necessities, Ewa Michalak.

Thanks for the help in preparing the information
If you have any questions and / or additions to the material above, call for discussion in the comments.

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