CarotDAV – a single client for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and not only

The competitive race that has developed recently between online data storage services has put me in a somewhat uncomfortable position of choice between clever and beautiful. On the one hand, there is Dropbox, which is used to and which is so convenient to use as an online flash drive for every day. On the other hand, there is SugarSync, pumped through this post to 180 GB and used to backup everything in the world. And also Google Drive, which stores texts and working documents.

The only trouble is that the presence of customers at once several services on one machine shamelessly devours RAM and slows down the computer. A small free program CarotDAV can help in this case and organize convenient access, downloading and managing files not only in the mentioned Dropbox, Google Drive and SugarSync, but also Box.Net, SkyDrive and other services.

Program CarotDAV It is distributed in two versions: portable and in the form of an installation file. After starting the program, we see an empty window, which is necessary to add the services you need.

We click on the name of the desired service and a new window appears. In it, you must enter the name of the service (1) and click on the button Authorize (2).

After that, the third window appears, which contains instructions for authorizing the application in your account of the corresponding service. Normally, just click on the link and allow CarotDAV access to your data.

When everything is ready, all the content of your online store appears in the program window. You get the ability to upload files to your computer, rename and delete them, create folders, move data and upload your local data to the clouds.

Program CarotDAV Of course, it does not contain all the functions provided by our cloud clients, but it can be an excellent solution when you need quick access to different file storages simultaneously. Support for not only the most popular Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, but also less common SugarSync and Box.Net, as well as WebDAV, FTP and IMAP protocols makes CarotDAV an excellent universal file manager for your cloud data.

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By the way, using WebDAV, you can connect Yandex.Disk as described here. I do not use this service, but if anyone could do this, let us know in the comments.

CarotDAV (Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7)

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