Glossy or matte: which monitor to buy?

When you buy a laptop or monitor, you face a choice: matte or glossy? Which screen cover is better? The fact that under the sunlight turns into a “mirror”, or the one on which colors seem faded?

We hope that this article will help you to decide.

Glossy matt vs

Where did this opposition come from? After all, both glossy and matte monitors use the same LCD panels.

Nevertheless, manufacturers produce glossy and matte monitors, and buyers experience the pangs of choice.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the coatings.

Glossy displays are more “bright”. They have a more intense, intense and contrastive color rendition; especially deep black color. This is a plus.

However, they shine on the sun. This is a minus. If you often work in the open air or your workplace is at the window, glare can interfere with you.

Matte displays have antireflex coating, which “extinguishes” glare. Therefore, in rooms with bright artificial or natural lighting, for such monitors work more comfortably.

The lack of matte displays is a bleakness. The colors on them look a little duller.

Pros and cons of glossy and matte monitors clearly demonstrates the photo on the cover. On the left is a matte Dell, and on the right is a glossy Apple.

What to choose?

It all depends on your goals.

If you need a monitor for the desktop, and the room is not too intense lighting, then probably you will need a glossy coating with a brighter color rendition.

If you buy a laptop and plan to work often outdoors (on a terrace on a sunny fine day), then look for a matte display. Similarly, when buying a monitor for a desktop computer in a very good light (table by the window, powerful lamps). But remember: the AR-coating matte display does not protect you from glare 100%, but it will be a little less noticeable than on a glossy screen.

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Of course, you can not create ideal conditions for the entire life of the screen (especially if it’s a laptop). Today your table is far from the window, and tomorrow they transferred it to the office, flooded with sunlight. Therefore, choosing a glossy or matte display, in any case you are going to compromise.

Laptops with glossy and matte displays
Laptops with glossy and matte displays

(In the photo, not only laptops with matte (left) and glossy (right) coating, but different models of different generations. Please do not make direct comparisons.)

If it were possible to make a monitor where, at the click of a finger, the matte coating would change to glossy (and vice versa), many would be happy. After all, it would allow to “tune” the monitor to specific conditions. But this is impossible.

Therefore, probably, the opposition “glossy vs matte” will continue. After all, how many people, so many opinions.

We offer to share your opinion in the comments to this post. Which monitor – glossy or matte – did you choose and why?

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