How to collect letters from different boxes in one place

Switching from one tab from Gmail to another with Yandex.Mail is quite tedious. And if you have a dozen accounts from different postal providers, the morning check of new correspondence turns into torture at all. By combining letters in one place, you will get rid of this inconvenience.

Web interface

Most email providers provide a built-in function for collecting mail from multiple mailboxes. For example, try collecting letters from all your boxes in one Gmail account.

How to collect mail in one box

First of all, make sure that the postal service, from where you want to retrieve the letters, is accessible via the POP protocol. Then go to your Gmail settings and click “Settings” in the upper right corner. Go to the “Accounts” tab and find the “Receive mail from other accounts” section.

Add an account, enter the email address and click “Next”, then enter the password. In order for mail exchange between providers to be safer, make sure that the option “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when receiving mail” is enabled. Then click on “Add account”.

Now emails arriving at the added address will automatically be collected in the Inbox of your Gmail. You can add as many email addresses as you need.

Desktop Clients

E-mail needs software. Yes, you can do a lot in a web mail client (sometimes much more than Google now allows you to do in Gmail). But the web interface does not compare to the native application. Even the most modern Web UI is a bottleneck in the work with mail.

Rafe Needleman, С

Desktop email clients are good at being able to aggregate messages from multiple accounts. At the same time, you can work with dozens of addresses and do not even have to wonder which provider has this or that message stored.

Most desktop email clients have a built-in shared Inbox. Even if your favorite client only supports working with separate folders for incoming messages, you can still easily collect them together using smart filters.

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Although Outlook is designed to manage multiple mailboxes at the same time, it still displays a separate Inbox for each account. But this can easily be fixed with filters.


Open Outlook, go to the “Folders” tab and click “Create search folder” on the toolbar. Then select “Create a custom search folder”. Click on “Select”, but do not select the search criteria so that all new messages are sent to the folder. Name the folder as you like, for example “All mail”.

Click on “Browse”, select all the folders and boxes from which you want to collect mail, and check the “Search in subfolders” option.

Now, in the smart folder that you created, emails will appear from all email accounts you added to Outlook. You can enable the “Show in Favorites” option so that your new mail is always visible.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail

Mac Mail client provides a single folder for incoming messages from all connected accounts. Just add your accounts, and all new emails will be collected in one place.



In Thunderbird, collecting all your emails in one Inbox folder is easy. Go to the “View” menu (if the menu bar is not displayed, press Alt). Then select “Folders” → “United”. Now you will have one Inbox for new mail, one Draft folder, one Sent folder and one Archive. You do not have to search long for where lies. Thus messages will be, as before, stored on servers of your post providers.

Mobile clients

United Inbox is available in many mobile email clients, including Gmail. The Gmail application collects your incoming from all email accounts, including from Yahoo, Outlook or other services.

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If you do not like the application from Google, you can try third-party email clients, such as Outlook or MyMail.

Maybe you have ideas of how to group mail in one place? Share in the comments.

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