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If your daily work is connected to a computer, then you have certainly learned to make the most of your working tool for recording ideas, performing everyday tasks and keeping accurate documents. But do not you forget to take care of the health of your eyes among all this business whirling? Let the work performed requires a high degree of concentration or extremely exciting – in any case this does not mean that your eyes are not tired and do not need breaks. In time to remind about the necessary break and take care of eyesight will help EyeLeo.


After downloading and installing the Russian version of the program, look in the settings menu, where you can set the intervals of work and breaks (defined as large and short). By default, a large break is defined in 5 minutes every 50 minutes, and short breaks EyeLeo suggests doing every 10 minutes for a few seconds. To check, use the buttons “Try a short break” and “Try a big break”.

Activating the “Short Break” mode is accompanied by the appearance on the screen of a message about the need to do one of several training exercises with your eyes. For example, make the movements of the eyes left and right, clockwise, squint your eyes for a few minutes or look out of the window. In each case, EyeLeo does not remain indifferent to its recommendations for the user – in addition to the text of the instruction, an image appears on the screen (friendly leopard or window of the house), demonstrating one of the warm-up exercises for the eyes that we must perform for the next ten seconds.

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A “big break” implies the absence of a user at the monitor of his computer in the course of a given timeout. So, after 50 minutes EyeLeo 30 seconds before the break reports the next completion of the fifty-minute working interval and offers to spend a few minutes resting from the computer. In normal mode, the program offers to rest or work one more minute, and during the five minutes on the screen there is a button “Skip break”. If you do not want to tempt yourself by postponing a break and your work can allow clear compliance with EyeLeo instructions, then do not forget to include the “Strict Mode” settings in the settings – you will not be able to ignore the breaks any more.

Of the disadvantages is worth noting some “alien” button “Skip” – a blue edging around the white lettering and all this on a black background. Otherwise, EyeLeo keeps at a decent level – the program takes into account your absence or presence at the computer, turns on the timer, shows pleasant translucent messages about the necessary rest, consumes 5 MB of RAM and does not ask for money for your work.

To take care of your eyes, we also recommend trying Workrave, F.lux, TakeABreak and Minutes.

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