14 simple and useful tips for car enthusiasts

In this article, we will tell, and someone will be reminded of simple lifhhakas and advice useful to motorists. Some of them are seasonal in nature, and some are relevant in any weather. 

Cleaning of car optics

Headlights are very simple and effective to clean toothpaste. Firstly, it’s fast, and secondly, the result will pleasantly surprise you – the headlights will shine!

How to unfreeze the door locks

In our region, the problem of freezing door locks is not uncommon, nor is it unusual for small bottles with sanitary gel for hands in our bags. Due to the high content of alcohol, this gel will help to unfreeze the lock. Clicking on the bottle, it is convenient to squirt it.

How to remove a small dent on the body

A small dent on the car body can be removed with a strong magnet. You need to bring it to the edge of the dent and pull on yourself, then sequentially move the magnet over the deformed area until it aligns. However, remember that, despite the apparent simplicity of the method, you can not fix the dent, but, on the contrary, damage the paintwork. Therefore, if you are not too confident in your abilities, better entrust repair to professionals.

Note that some motorists managed to fix dents on the car with the help of a plunger and dry ice. But we are in no way advised to carry out such experiments on your machine.

What can I do to keep my glasses warm

The problem of misted windows in the cold season is common for all drivers. To avoid it, wipe the machine glass with a damp, slightly soapy cloth.

If the windshield of the car is covered with a crust of ice, and you do not have a scraper at hand, then you can clean it using ordinary table salt. You need to prepare a solution: 2 tablespoons of salt in a glass of water, and wipe them with glass, until the ice does not come off. Then wipe the glass with a dry cloth.

Clean the engine from time to time

Yes, this involves a certain risk, so you need to try and find a good sink in advance, where the masters will do everything qualitatively. Washing the engine is not a whim. In fact, this is important, because when a wizard breaks down on a service, and you can quickly determine whether any fluid leaks in you and in which specific place.

What to do if the gasoline is at zero

If the gasoline level fell to zero and the car stalled, there is a way to reach the nearest gas station without pushing the car. Usually, when the car stalls, another 3-4 liters of gasoline remains in the gas tank. However, the pump can no longer reach this level. Take a rubber ball or a dense plastic bag and fill it with about a liter of any liquid. At the end of the package, tie a firm rope. Very carefully lower the structure into the tank, the free end of the rope firmly on the lid of the gas tank. In this way, you raise the gasoline level.

How to deal with an unpleasant smell from the salon

An unpleasant smell in the car’s interior (for example, from cigarette smoke) can be eliminated using natural substances: soda, coffee or activated charcoal. Tanks with absorbent put in the cabin and the trunk at night. Repeat until the smell disappears. It is advisable, of course, to pre-dry the salon.

How to quickly find your car in a huge parking lot

Of course, some people will laugh, but imagine, there are a lot of people who are lost in large parking lots, especially on strangers, for example, somewhere near a megamarket in an unfamiliar city, and can not find their car! It seems that the number of the pillar was also remembered, from which the car was left, and it is not there … So, in order not to try to painfully memorize the landmarks, just take a picture of the place where the car is, naturally, there must be some memorable thing nearby (at least the same column with a number) so that you can orientate on it. Well, when it seems to you that you are already near the car, turn on the alarm in the “panic” mode (if you have one).

Nail polish against scratching and rusting

Nail polish is a great invention of mankind. Cover them with a crack on the glass, until you insert a new one. Also, they can smear micro-dents that are formed from stones, and micro-islands of rust, this will prevent the development or further formation of rust. You can use a clear varnish, but among the current variety, you can choose one that matches the color of your car.

Listen to music from your smartphone

We already wrote a lot earlier about how to integrate your smartphone into the car, including how to connect it, if it does not work from the standard USB-output of the radio.

Brilliant panels

To clean the dashboard is quite suitable for furniture (in case you do not want to spend money on a special auto-cosmetics). Wipe the panel with a polish and rub it with a dry cloth.

Night trips

If you feel insecure during night travel (which is understandable), put a thin slice of lemon under your tongue, this ancient method helps to improve the acuity of night vision.

Advice for the garage

If your garage is not too spacious, and when you open the doors, you are always afraid to knock them against the wall, then attach a rubber strip to the wall at the corner of the door.

How to break a glass in a car (video tips)

Splitting the car glass is not so easy, but there are situations when it is necessary to do it and preferably very quickly. We offer you two video clips that demonstrate the techniques of breaking windows in a car.

How to break a glass in a car

How to break a glass in a car with one finger

If you have your own tips and life cars for the operation of the car, be sure to write us in the comments.