3 applications with which you will forget about plastic discount cards


The program is so easy to use that the child will understand.

First of all, install the “Wallet”. Flip the screensaver, click “Finish” – you will get to the main application window.


Click on “Take a picture of the map” and take a picture of each side. Done!

Now when buying, show the cashier is no longer the card itself, but her digital copy on the smartphone. If the card does not have a barcode or it uses a magnetic reader, you can enter the card number manually at the checkout.

In addition to managing the cards, “Wallet” will help you to be aware of stocks, sales and pleasant bonuses. Be sure to look in the section “Coupons” and get an additional discount at a restaurant, hairdresser or auto show. The base of the companies is constantly updated and supplemented.

If there was a problem when using the application, the “Wallet” is well organized maintenance work – it takes very little time to troubleshoot the problem.


Another smart application for virtualization of plastic cards. The principle of operation is as simple as in the “Wallet”, and in some cases it is even more convenient.

Immediately after clicking on the button “Add card” the program offers a list of popular companies. It remains only to choose the right one.

Stocard Stocard: list of companies

Scan the barcode of the card. If the camera is not available or there is no barcode on the back side, you can enter the card number manually.

In the list of companies did not find it necessary? Select the item “Another discount card” and enter the data yourself.

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After adding a card in the “Offers” tab, information about the company’s discounts and promotions is immediately available.

Stocard: suggestions Stocard: discounts and promotions

Have you downloaded all the maps? Now before making a purchase you will spend much less time searching for the right one and present the cashier with an electronic copy.

Separately, I want to mention the function “Assistant”. Enabling it in the settings, you will get access to the desired card as soon as you are near the store. You do not even need to open Stocard: all information for reading will be displayed on the lock screen.


The functionality of this application is much broader than that of Stocard and the “Wallet”, but only for the additional features will have to pay in addition. That’s why it was at the end of the review. But first things first.

Immediately after installation, the program will offer to register or enter into an existing account – without this you will not be able to continue the work. Registration itself is simple and does not take much time. Enter your email, come up with a password more complicated and click the “Register” button.

Cardved Cardved: registration

Everything, you can get acquainted with the program.

The first advantage of Cardved is the ability to group discount cards. This is convenient if you have many cards and the list has to be scrolled for a long time.

The next interesting point: the developers Cardved did not forget about the business cards. Information about them is entered in a familiar way: you need to take a picture of both sides and click “Save”.

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You can not just add business cards to your application, but also create your own. To do this, go to “My Maps”, select a photo for the business card and enter the information. That’s what happened.

Cardved: card scanning

Having made a business card, send it to all friends, colleagues and just interested. With the same ease, you can take a card from another person.

What features will a paid subscription offer?

  • You can get rid of annoying ads. Yes, in this application it is.
  • The free version allows you to place a limited number of cards. Subscription allows you to add as many as you need.
  • Distribution of cards and business cards via mail, instant messengers and social networks is also available only in the paid version.

Subscription is issued for a month or year for 30 or 149 rubles, respectively.

To keep discount cards in digital form is convenient. However, not everywhere sellers agree to scan the smartphone screen instead of presenting a plastic card. It is worth considering this nuance and checking how things are in your favorite stores.

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