Custom Quick Settings allows you to change the Android quick settings bar to your liking

The ability to customize the Quick Settings toolbar was made possible through the addition of the System UI Tuner tool in Android 6.0. This is an experimental function. To enable it, you need to expand the quick settings panel and hold your finger for a few seconds on the gear in the upper right corner. After that, the system will notify you of the System UI Tuner, and the corresponding item will appear in the settings.

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To add your own items to the control panel, you will need to install an additional application, but it’s worth starting with a study of the System UI Tuner itself. This is quite an interesting thing, due to which you can force to turn on and off the display of certain items in the quick settings panel, and also add a percentage indicator of the battery charge level.

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Creating and adding your own items is possible through the Custom Quick Settings application.

First, the user will be shown the activation process of the System UI Tuner, and then they will be asked to create their own panel element.

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The process is described step-by-step directly on the Custom Quick Settings screen. Let’s try to pass it by creating on the panel, for example, an icon for launching the mobile application of the Lifehacker.


TAPAI by SYSTEM UI TUNER. The Quick Settings tool designer appears. At this point, you can specify the location of each item, and select the “Add a shortcut button” option at the bottom of the screen. Create a new button.

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Tap on the “Button Broadcast” and give her a name. According to the instructions, each button created must have a name in the format CUSTOMTILEx, where x is the serial number of the button you are creating. Counting starts from zero, so the first button you create must be CUSTOMTILE0.

Screenshot_20151103-095707 Screenshot_20151103-095742

The button appears on the panel designer screen. Along the way you can specify its location.

Back in the Custom Quick Settings application on the instruction screen, check the “I have done this” checkbox and click on Continue.


A round icon with a plus sign brings the user to the new button setting screen. First we set the name of the button, in our case this is the “Lifehacker”.

Screenshot_20151102-142849 Screenshot_20151102-142903

Select the icon. There are a lot of them, very many. Lifhaker is very useful, like a carrot, and therefore the carrot icon will be in the topic.

Screenshot_20151103-095859 Screenshot_20151103-095934

Now we set the Tap Action on the icon. The user can set the launch of the application, go to the URL, custom action, or make a button that does nothing. In our case, this is the launch of the application, that is Launch App. In the appeared list of all installed and system applications, we find the “Lifehacker”. The action for a long tap should not be set, so you can skip it.

Screenshot_20151103-095910 Screenshot_20151103-095929

It remains to click on the round icon with a check mark, confirming the settings of the button, and then open the quick settings panel. As you can see, now there is a life-carrot.


This feature is only available in Android 6.0.