Custom Quick Settings helps you customize your curtains on Android

Thanks to the efforts of developers in Android 5.0 there was a convenient quick setup bar at the top of the screen. This allows in two counts to include an access point, automatic screen flipping and much more. But there is a more interesting possibility.

The system has tools for developers that allow third-party applications to change the set of elements in the blind. Custom Quick Settings is one of those. With it, you can add to the shutter icon of any application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Before using Custom Quick Settings, go to the “Advanced Settings” menu item and enable the System UI Tuner function. After that, you need to read the instructions for using the application in detail and include all available permissions.

After you can create the desired shortcut. For each of them in Custom Quick Settings, you can specify a title, an icon from the built-in set and the corresponding action (enabling and disabling all kinds of switches in the application being launched, viewing the URL and launching applications normally). If this is not enough, you can purchase a Pro version. In it you can upload your own icon collections and pull icons from other programs. Another difference from the free version is the availability of a kind of scheduler that allows you to change the set of icons at a given time.

If you want to return the shutter to the previous view, you can delete both the separate application icon and all configured ones. There is a quick rollback. Custom Quick Settings practically does not consume battery resources, despite the constant work. Conflicts with other programs are also not noticed. On the assurances of the creators, the application works on any version of Android older than 4.0. However, to use Custom Quick Settings on OS versions under Marshmallow, root-rights are required.

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