Google Fit for Android: turn a smartphone into a fitness tracker

Google has fully launched its service for tracking physical activity Fit, announced a few months earlier. The application can collect all the statistics familiar to such products, as well as work with the goals that the user himself can ask.

Google Fit distinguishes between walking, running and cycling, counting the distance, the number of steps, calories burned and even giving recommendations based on your achievements.

You can also ask for yourself specific goals, such as the duration of the session or the number of steps you want to go through. After that, Google Fit will create a graphical visualization for easy tracking of the progress of a specific task.

In order to take advantage of Google Fit, you do not need any additional gadgets. Just install the application on your smartphone and do not forget to take it with you while walking or training – it will monitor all the indicators using the built-in sensors. In addition, you can also associate with the application third-party fitness trackers, services and applications for more accurate tracking of physical activity. Among the announced partners are Nike, HTC, LG, RunKeeper, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic and Polar.

You can also analyze your results right inside the application or in the browser using a special web page. Download Google Fit can now absolutely free of charge for watches on Android Wear and all devices running Android at least 4.0.