Google Voice Translator spoke in Russian

More recently, the Google translate blog news that the voice translator Google now understands the Russian language. In addition, support is provided for Brazilian, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish and Turkish. Android users can download the mobile version of Google Translate to the Android Market and see the features of the updated version. The application requires the installed voice search from Google.

Google Voice Translator spoke in Russian Google Voice Translator spoke in Russian

Earlier Google added a feature that allows you to communicate with an interpreter in different languages. For example, you ask the Englishman how to get on the subway. The interpreter pronounces your question in English. The interlocutor answers you in his own language, and the interpreter instantly issues a translation in your native language.

Google Voice Translator spoke in Russian Google Voice Translator spoke in Russian

At first, many may not like the mandatory availability of the Internet for the work of an interpreter, but using the Google service to process and analyze translated words and phrases significantly increases the quality of the translation as a whole. In addition, using your Android device, you can use the translator anywhere.

Google’s activation in the field of voice recognition services is quite understandable. After Apple picked up the idea of ​​a voice assistant and released Siri, it became obvious that the voice search from Google objectively loses on the functional development from Apple. The increase in the number of supported languages ​​may indicate the possibility of the appearance of a more perfect and functional voice manager from Google in the near future.

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