How to disable quick links and recommendations on the Chrome for Android startup page

recommendations in Chrome: articles

I know for sure that many people do not really like it when someone starts putting too much advertising under the guise of “very interesting, specially selected articles for you.” They believe that they themselves will find the right sites without prompts.

If you are also one of them, here’s a tip on how to turn off the display of recommended articles on the Chrome for Android startup screen.

  1. Copy the following link, then open a new tab and paste the contents of the clipboard into your browser’s address bar.
    chrome: // flags / # enable-ntp-popular-sites
  2. Before you open the service page with the settings. It will already have the option “Show popular sites on the quick access page”. Switch it to the “Off” position.

Chrome recommendations: Disable recommendations in Chrome: disable

  1. Now do the same manipulations to the next address.
    chrome: // flags / # enable-ntp-snippets
  2. And here:
    chrome: // flags / # enable-ntp-remote-suggestions
  3. Restart the browser.

After completing these steps, you will get rid of the display on the start page of sites that, in Google’s opinion, may be of interest to you. This will allow you to speed up the program somewhat and save traffic.

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