How to turn your Android-tablet into a photo frame

Some time ago, digital photo frames were quite popular. The idea that you can put on your table a small screen that will not only replace your favorite photo in the frame, but also be able to show whole albums of pictures, liked very much. The appearance of tablets slightly reduced this boom, especially since there are applications that can easily turn any tablet into an “intelligent photo frame”.

Daydream for Android-powered devices gives you the convenience of using the tablet to show beautiful photos. And the source of these pictures can be as your personal photos from social networks and photohosts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, 500px, Dropbox, and Google+), and local folders of the device. In addition, (and many like this feature the most) you can take advantage of the endless stream of best photos from popular photo services.


Immediately after the launch of the program you will be asked to indicate your interests, on the basis of which photographic tape will be formed.


After that, you get to the screen with smaller previews of photos. Pulling this screen to the left, you can change the order or sources of photos. Click the arrow in the upper right corner to start the show.


Photos are displayed on a full screen with a beautiful pan effect. Above the image you see a clock (clicking on them brings up the alarm setup dialog) and brief information about the author of the snapshot. By default, each frame is displayed for 10 seconds, but you can change this value in the settings. In the same place, you will be able to authorize Daydream in your social networks accounts, if you want to contemplate not the beautiful work of photo masters, but your photos from Facebook, Instagram or Google+.


The Daydream program turns your tablet into a spectacular photo frame that can download and display the work of the world’s best photographers in the background. Now your tablet even in idle minutes will work to satisfy your aesthetic needs.

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