MacroDroid – Android automation for ready-made scenarios

Once my home Wi-Fi fell off, and streaming service Twitch quietly switched to the mobile Internet and continued broadcasting. The transition was smooth, and I simply did not notice it. After a while, a warning appeared on the phone that the traffic through the cellular networks was coming to an end. It’s good that I’m closely following the mobile megabytes, otherwise I would have had to pay a lot.

In general, after that incident, I thought about how to forcefully roll a heavy application, if the Internet switches from Wi-Fi to mobile data transfer. I immediately came to the program for Android automation. Focusing on the rating and the number of reviews, I chose the MacroDroid. A nice interface and full functionality for five macros also spoke in favor of this utility.


A macro is a script that the application executes if it detects an event (trigger) and checks its trigger condition. For example, the trigger may be the shaking of the phone, the condition – the time of day from nine pm to four in the morning, and the action – the inclusion of a flashlight. There may be several triggers, conditions and events.

MacroDroid contains templates for Android automation MacroDroid: Android Automation templates

So, MacroDroid offers 59 triggers, 92 actions and 35 conditions. Together they give a myriad of scenarios. There is something to invent, although you can use already prepared recipes, there are hundreds of them.

MacroDroid: menu MacroDroid: the ability to share macros

Templates are grouped into three categories: local in the local language, popular among the international audience and the last ones added. Click on any macro to edit it or add it to the collection without changes.

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Liked and works – put your finger up. So the macro will quickly gain popularity and become higher in the ranking. Thought something special – share with others. True, there is no longer any huge success for the huge success. Narrow-specific scenarios are unlikely to gain the required number of likes, and the most common templates are already firmly entrenched at the top of the rating.

Briefly I will describe the five best macros according to the users of MacroDroid:

  • Search for a phone using an SMS message, the text of which contains the phrase FIND ME. Esasmasca can be obtained from any number.
  • Turn on the flash when shaking the smartphone. The script is borrowed from Moto X.
  • A photo from the front camera after two unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device. Repeats the functionality of CrookCatcher.
  • Turn on the recorder if the smartphone is turned upside down. Spy things, you know.
  • Activation and deactivation of Wi-Fi after waking up and fading the screen. Saves battery power in all its glory.

As you can see, the templates are really useful. It’s a pity that only five macros can be used in the basic version.

MacroDroid Pro

Full, or rather unlimited version of MacroDroid is 2.6 dollars. However, do not rush to buy until you are certain that everything is working correctly. Why is that? First, some scripts require root-rights. Secondly, it takes time to understand how this or that macro affects the battery. Finally, the features of the firmware and the specific settings of the smartphone may be incompatible with the trigger or event.

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Check and decide whether to pay extra for the removal of restrictions. And, of course, do not forget to share your recipes in the comments.

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