UC Browser for Android – everything you need from a mobile browser, and more AdBlock

Android users have no problems with browsers at all. Put any popular client, and you will be fine. So what’s the point in the existence of so many alternative customers, if each of them knows everything that the user needs? In fact, there is a sense, because people are different and they have different needs with preferences.

For reasons we do not understand, we have not considered the UC Browser, and this is a very smart Android browser with more than a hundred million users. Why such popularity? Simply this product has several weighty arguments, which, after a few minutes of working with it, make you remove Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Dolphin from the main screen and assign UC as the default browser.

We will not dwell on the basics, since absolutely any modern mobile browser, including UC Browser, knows everything, so that the user can normally and comfortably surf. Obviously, people are sitting on the UC Browser for some other reason, which goes beyond the basic functionality of other browsers.


Very subjective question. We will not prove that the apple is more delicious than an orange, but simply say: we like the UC Browser interface, because everything is convenient, and in the newly released version number 10, the browser interface is even better. This is not so much about the location of any individual controls, but about the overall intuition. Using the browser is easy and pleasant, and even a person who worked exclusively with mobile Chrome and default Android-browser, got used to UC Browser for four minutes.


There is a huge, but understandable pre-installed base of popular Internet resources with a breakdown by categories. Access to them is carried out by one tap. The button to go to the home page has moved down, and the frequently used function buttons have moved to the more convenient top of the menu.

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No problem synchronizing bookmarks with desktop Chrome

This is a tragedy for all products that have a mobile browser, but do not have a desktop version. How do I sync my bookmarks? UC Browser solved the problem in a practical way: to synchronize bookmarks with the desktop, the user is encouraged to create a UC account and download the extension.

But the account is created not only for the sake of synchronization. With the help of the account, the user can create a personal environment that is fully customized and protected from others. This includes the personalization of extensions (about which a little later) and generally the entire personal space inside the browser. If a mobile device is used by several people, then an additional account for the browser will be only a plus.

Support for Flash “out of the box” and without surprises

Some people need Flash, but not all mobile clients want to work with it. And if they want, they ask for either additional software or money. UC Browser works with Flash immediately and honestly.

Tab Manager

The new version of UC Browser also received an updated tab manager, which now strongly resembles the application management interface in iOS. From here you can quickly go into incognito mode for all tabs, create a new tab and instantly close all current tabs.


Store extensions, which has a bunch of useful software + AdBlock

But this is already the reverse side of specialization on the mobile client – there is no desktop browser, but the Android version has it all!


The same mobile Chrome can not boast of extensions, but here they are. Not very much, but all are quite useful and in demand:

  • interpreter;
  • gesture management;
  • the loader of video from sites;
  • advanced sharing tool;
  • saving pages for viewing offline and in PDF;
  • the editor of the screenshots;
  • QR-scanner and generator;
  • archiver;
  • Traffic compression and device memory cleaning to speed up the browser;
  • AdBlock “out of the box” and without hemorrhoids with the setting – one this expansion is worth it to start using UC Browser, because from Google we never wait for such a tool.
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Image view mode

Someone goes to the Internet only to look at the seals, and for such people in the UC Browser there is a special mode for viewing pages, in which only images are displayed, and all text and other unnecessary items are removed.

view image 2

Night mode + built-in reader

Fans to read will be pleased with the presence in UC Browser of a full mode for reading, when all the elements of the application disappear from the screen, and the screen itself is switched to night mode by one tap.


File manager + download manager

About the extensions have already been mentioned, and in addition to them UC Browser can boast a built-in tool for working with files on the device, as well as a heaped loader that can load data into multiple streams and resume loading after reconnecting.


Cool widget

Here this round little thing on the left turns in the menu of instant access to the current functions of the browser and does not interfere with the work.


Worth a try

It’s hard to admit, but your favorite Chrome is not really the best. Did you just think that we forgot about the performance comparison? No, they did not. But here Chrome, as well as other popular browsers, does not stand out very much, and often just concedes to more optimized competitors.

  • Synthetic tests Kraken and SunSpider showed that UC Browser and Chrome work with JavaScript the same way.
  • In terms of overall performance, Chrome is slightly ahead, but this is again synthetics, and in reality a lot of other factors are mixed here.
  • With HTML5 UC Browser is much better friends.
  • The cold load of pages is expected ahead of Chrome, and on the hot – UC Browser.
  • The memory consumption of UC Browser and Chrome is the same at startup, but as the number of tabs grows, Chrome becomes twice more gluttonous.
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Certainly, Google Play has a lot of good browsers, each of which tries to lure the user with something of its own. In any case, just having tried them all, you can confidently say that you have really found the best client for yourself, but your obedient servant will sit on the UC Browser for the time being.

Official site of UC Browser

And UC Browser can give +10 to Karma for Windows Phone support. There he confidently holds the leadership among browsers.