Yandex vs. Google. Compare popular services side-by-side

The habit is a terrible thing. Some things are taken for granted only because you are accustomed to them. Often asking a question to people like: “Why are you looking for Yandex?”, I get the answer: “Yes, I’m used somehow.” Today we want to compare the side-by-side popular products of Yandex and Google and assess the real value of the Russian sworn friend of the American world bully.

The parameters that interest us in the first place: the integration of company services, mobile use, the need for additional actions to install a particular software, as well as design and enjoyment of use.

start page

You can talk about tastes, and you can just look at the screenshots. Google has a search focus, there is a search for a voice. No banners, tickers, currency rates, news and other information noise, which literally packs Russian national search engine.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.19.14
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.16.36

Perhaps this is some kind of feature of Russian consumption (or just used?), Since the same for the world has a fairly tolerable look and … a bagel-parallax.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.17.35

But we remember about and continue to test the efficiency of the Internet to them.

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 1

Search output

We asked the search engines about Lobachevsky. Personally, I like more of Google’s rendering, but I’m just used to it. By utility all the same. The only thing that is the most strange issue is in the project of the future Yandex – Islands. Judge for yourself and do not judge for tastes.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.41.29

Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.41.18

Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.41.14

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 1

Voice Search

Google is looking for a better voice. You can see this on your phone and on the tablet. How to search for a voice on a computer from Yandex, I still do not understand. For fun, my son and I (6 years old) recently tested the Yandex browser and compared it with Google Chrome, namely the voice search for this couple. The live test results are lower ????

Here’s how Google understands the little ball (for which the Russian and not native at all):

But as Yandex understands it:

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And there and there the language was put up in advance in Russian.

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 0


I know Yandex employees who use Gmail for personal use, but I have not seen any Google employees who use Yandex.Mail.

In Yandex mail, there are nice themes and an interesting interface, a lot of space and good Russification. In Gmail – a modern interface, plug-in web plug-ins (for example Any.DO) and user scripts. Gmail is integrated with Google Drive and Google Docs documents.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.35.33
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.36.37

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 0

Table Cards

In cards, the main thing is not beauty, but functionality. By giving a deep analysis of the map it’s easy to get into trouble and we will not do it. Just pay attention to the sense of beauty of those who made these products, look for an arbitrary address in Moscow and pay tribute to the plug-in functionality.

Look and feel

Google maps looks modern and it’s not even clear what to add. Maps Yandex – from the Stone Age.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.44.34
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.44.32

Address Search

“Russia, Moscow, Gogol Boulevard, 12c4” is where? Both products know this perfectly, and Yandex even prompted the nearest metro. It’s useful if you’re a pedestrian, right? But Yandex does not know how to build foot navigation.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.49.21
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.49.15

Traffic jams

Yandex is the king of traffic jams. The drivers say that they are not equal. Compare with the eyes is useless.
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.53.59
Screenshot 2013-10-01 12.53.56

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 1

Mobile Maps

Visual comparison:

Photo 1 Photo 2

On iOS 7 looks very “in the subject” Google product. Yandex’s product is still in the past. It is worth noting that for Kiev, the maps ceased to be pixelated, although they were probably so a month ago. Thank you. And yes, there is no navigation on the Yandex maps either. But both support the transport and not bad.

a1614b01-b61b-4090-91b3-fe573c82ce7c 93fbfe25-2a94-4d76-828b-1e415941c7f1

It is worth saying that Yandex maps are better than cached for example the city. But on the same Android, this is easily solved by simply unloading in Google maps the location you need, which can be a city.

Well, if you travel a lot outside the CIS, Yandex maps can simply be deleted and use a single solution for the whole world – Google Maps.

  Jak používat Yandex.Navigator v režimu offline

And of course, Yandex is the king of traffic jams. That’s why a draw.

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 1


Today officially launched the service Google.Music for Russia and you can not forgive the design of Yandex.Music from the Stone Age. See for yourself:
Screenshot 2013-10-01 13.09.02



As for the price, the offer from Google is cheaper: 199 rubles. Yandex vs 169 rubles. Google and the latter also have a month free. Additionally, you can drive up to 20,000 of your tracks into the Google cloud and use its cloud to synchronize between all your account devices.

If we talk about mobile applications, then they have Yandex for iOS and Android, and Google – only for Google.

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 0

Work in the domain and with office tasks

If you have a domain and need to pick up mail on it and all that is needed for work, that is, two valid products: Google Apps and Yandex SDA. Yandex gives you only mail. Google gives (except for third-party applications):

  • post office
  • the calendar
  • cloud disk
  • simple office suite
  • Hangouts chat
  • and much more!

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 0


Before you talk on this topic you need to understand one fact – and Google and Yandex installed your browser is needed for a lot, but most importantly – is to monitor your behavior. Everybody follows and does it so much that it’s better not to think about it even.

Personally, I choose consciously the browser from Google only because it does not have obsessive branding of Yandex and the involvement in the Google product is determined only at the time of installation and input of account data.


If you use Google services, then you better stay on Chrome. If you use Yandex services, you can conveniently do this with the same Chrome.

Score: Google: Yandex 1: 0

Mobile devices

The beauty of the iPhone and iPad is also that some piece of your operator or national search engine will not jump out on you. You get a naked system and put on it whatever you want. You will impose the same Yandex only in the search (you can cut down) or in the data points on the map (you can not cut down). Everything, further only your choice. On Android, the choice starts with the fact that you accept the fact that Google is stealing. Even if you buy Nexus and there will not be whistles and fakes of the operator or the manufacturer of the phone or an alternative search engine, then you are still at the mercy of Google services. Leave it there. Why do you need to build one more layer of services over an unpriced processor and a battery-geek, if more or less from the examples above, it means that everything will be all right for you? Namely: an excellent Google Chrome browser (many on it and on iOS sit!), Excellent Google Maps with world coverage (and the farther from Russia, the better it will work), excellent Gmail, Google Drive, Docs documents of yours domain for example, you will have all the music in the cloud, even funny gifki in you will be thrown through Google+ ????

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Score: Google: Yandex 1: 0

Is it worth it to locate services from Yandex in the modern world in order to build another service layer on a computer or mobile phone? Our answer is no, do not. And if you need traffic jams or habits, the peculiarities of issuing or beauty of Yandex mails are dear to you, then leave it as it is.

But on the topic all eggs in one basket we can talk in the comments. Although I personally do not think that one basket, two or three is of great importance in general. Basket or have or “wear” your “eggs” yourself without “baskets”, if education is lacking ????

Score: Google: Yandex 10: 4

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