9 books on psychology that will help you understand your problems

1. “To be, not to seem”, Stephen Covey

A collection of essays by business expert Stephen Covey on how to distinguish false values ​​from the real, and the external indicators of success from true greatness. Responsibility, self-sacrifice, following priorities – these are the principles that a person should adhere to if he wants to succeed.

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2. “The art of living is simple,” Dominique Loro

Dominic Loro spent 20 years in Japan, where she studied the philosophy of Taoism. She discovered that the principles of Zen are applicable and useful in everyday life. When you give up unnecessary things and unconscious consumption, you can tackle what is really important – your mind and body.

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3. “Psychology of bad habits”, Richard O’Connor

We all love to step on the same rake and repeat the same mistakes. We must fight destructive behavior. The psychotherapist Richard O’Connor tells how to cope with procrastination, overeating, disorganization, anxiety and inappropriate self-medication.

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4. “Age of anxiety”, Scott Stossel

The problem of chronic stress these days affects almost every second. Scott Stossel talks about the causes of neurotic disorders, treatment methods (from antidepressants to psychotherapy) and ways to cope with anxiety.

But this book is valuable also for an honest description of personal experience: Stossel for many years struggled with depression, phobias, panic attacks. Therefore, he knows firsthand what has to be dealt with people who have encountered similar problems.

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5. “Close to the heart”, Ilse Sand

The book of the Danish psychotherapist Ilsa Sand is devoted to “new introverts” – highly sensitive people who are acutely responsive to fuss and criticism, prefer solitude and quickly get tired of society. From this book you will learn how to take advantage of all the advantages of a heightened perception.

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6. “The fear of intimacy”, Ilse Sand

Another book by Sand about the problems of people who react differently to the world around them. This book must be read by those who have erected barriers around themselves and do not let other people recognize themselves and love.

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7. “Solving Problems Using Special Services Techniques,” Morgan Jones

Most people do not know how to analyze the problem, and therefore can not always find the right solution in a difficult situation. Former CIA analyst Morgan Jones writes about proven tools that will help you deal with a variety of problems and master the basics of structured analysis.

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8. The Taming of the Amygdala, John Arden

The Taming of the Amygdala, John Arden

The data of modern research in neurophysiology and practical recommendations of a physician with vast experience will help improve life: get rid of bad habits, not succumb to sadness, develop memory and psychological stability. In other words, you can use the features of your brain to your advantage.

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9. “Restless Mind”, Kay Jamieson

Bipolar disorder is a constant maneuvering between periods of euphoria and incredible downturns into a black depression. Psychiatrist Kay Jamieson experienced this on herself, and therefore began to study affective disorders. As a result, this book appeared about the fight against the disease. Jamieson writes that it is only necessary to accept life as it is, as any difficulties will be overcome.

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