List of Brodsky: books that need to be read to talk to you about

Brodsky studied only 7 classes in high school, and he became unbearably boring. He dropped out and went to work in the factory. At the plant, he also did not last long, only six months. Then there was work on the lighthouse, in the crystallographic laboratory, in the morgue. For a while he worked as a handyman in a geological expedition and a stoker in a bathhouse.

When Joseph Alexandrovich emigrated to the United States, despite the lack of special education, immediately received an invitation to teach at five American colleges. He did unusual exercises: there were no lectures and seminars. He talked with his students and told about his favorite writers. At the same time he always drank coffee and smoked a lot.

Despite the lack of higher education, Brodsky read a lot. Therefore, he was surprised that students who study literature can not boast of the same. One day Brodsky sat down at the typewriter and wrote a list of books that everyone should read. Today we publish photos of these records and the list of books with links to resources where you can buy them.

1. “Bhagavad Gita” (buy on →).

2. “Mahabharata” (buy at →).

3. “The Epic of Gilgamesh” (buy at →).

4. The Old Testament (buy on →).

5. Homer. “Illyada”, “Odyssey” (download free on →).

6. Herodotus. “History” (buy on →).

7. Sophocles. Plays (download free on →).

8. Aeschylus. Plays (buy at →).

9. Euripides. Pieces: “Ippolit”, “Bacchante”, “Elektra”, “Phoenician” (buy on →).

10. Thucydide. “History of the Peloponnesian War” (buy on →).

eleven. Plato. “Dialogues” (buy on →).

12. Aristotle. “Poetics”, “Physics”, “Ethics”, “On the soul” (download free on →).

13. Alexandrian poetry (buy on →).

14. Lucretius. “On the nature of things” (buy at →).

15. Plutarch. “Comparative biographies” (buy on →).

16. Virgil. “Aeneid”, “Bucoliki”, “Georgiki” (buy on →).

17. Tacitus. «Annals» (buy on →).

18. Ovid. “Metamorphoses”, “Heroes”, “Science of Love” (buy at →).

19. New Testament (buy on →).

20. Suetonius. “The Life of the Twelve Caesars” (buy on →).

21. Marcus Aurelius (buy at →).

22. Catullus (buy on →).

23. Horace (buy on →).

24. Epictetus (buy on →).

25. Aristophanes (buy at →).

26. Elian. “Colorful stories”, “On the nature of animals” (buy on →).

27. Apollodorus. “Argonavtika” (buy on →).

28. Michael Psell. “Chronography” (buy at →, buy on →).

29. Gibbon. “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” (download free on →).

thirty. Plotinus. “Enneads” (buy on →).

31. Eusebius of Caesarea (Pamphylus). “Church history” (download free on →).

32. Boethius. “Consolation of philosophy” (buy on →).

33. Pliny the Younger. “Letters” (buy on →).

34. Byzantine verse novels.

35. Heraclitus of Ephesus. «Fragments» (buy on →, buy on →).

36. Augustine. “Confession” (buy at →, buy on →).

37. Thomas Aquinas. “The sum of theology” (buy at →, buy on →).

38. “Flowers of St. Francis” (buy at →, buy on →).

39. Niccolo Machiavelli. “Sovereign” (buy at →, buy on →).

40. Dante. “Divine Comedy” (buy at →, buy on →).

41. Franco Sacchetti. Novels (buy at →, buy on →).

42. Icelandic sagas (buy at →, buy on →).

43. Shakespeare. “Anthony and Cleopatra”, “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “Henry V” (buy at →, buy on →).

44. Rabelais (buy at →, buy on →).

45. Bacon (buy on →, buy on →).

46. Martin Luther (buy at →, buy on →).

47. Calvin (buy on →).

48. Montaigne. «Experiments» (buy at →, buy on →).

49. Cervantes. «Don Quixote» (buy at →, buy on →).

50. Descartes (buy at →, buy on →).

51. “Song of Roland” (buy at →, buy on →).

52. “Beowulf” (buy at →, buy on →).

53. Benvenuto Cellini (buy at →, buy on →).

54. Henry Adams. “Education of Henry Adams” (buy at →, buy on →).

55. Hobbes. “Leviathan” (buy at →, buy on →).

56. Pascal. “Thoughts” (buy at →, buy on →).

57. Milton. “Paradise Lost” (buy at →, buy on →).

58. John Donne (buy at →, buy on →).

59. Andrew Marvell (buy on →).

60. George Herbert (buy on →).

61. Spinoza. “Treatises” (buy at →, buy on →).

62. Stendhal. “Parma monastery”, “Red and black”, “The life of Henri Brylar” (buy at →, buy on →).

63. Swift. “Gulliver’s Travel” (buy at →, buy on →).

64. Lawrence Stern. “Tristram Shandy” (buy at →, buy on →).

65. Choderlo de Laclos. “Dangerous communications” (buy at →, buy on →).

66. Montesquieu. “Persian letters” (buy on →, buy on →).

67. Locke. “Two Treatises on the Board” (buy at →, buy at →).

68. Adam Smith. “Welfare of Nations” (buy at →, buy on →).

69. Leibniz. “Discourse on metaphysics” (buy on →).

70. Hume (buy on →).

71. “Federalist’s Notes” (buy on →).

72. Kant. “Criticism of Pure Reason” (buy at →, buy on →).

73. Kierkegaard. “Fear and trembling”, “Either” or “Philosophical crumbs” (buy at →, buy on →).

74. Dostoevsky. “Notes from the Underground”, “Demons” (buy at →, buy on →).

75. Goethe. “Faust”, “The Italian journey” (buy at →, buy on →).

76. Tocqueville. “Democracy in America” ​​(buy on →).

77. De Custine. “The Journey of Our Days” (buy at →, buy on →).

78. Eric Auerbach. “Mimesis” (buy on →).

79. Prescott. “The Conquest of Mexico. Conquest of Peru “(buy on →).

80. Octavio Paz. “Labyrinth of loneliness” (buy on →).

81. Carl Popper. “The logic of scientific discovery”, “Open Society and its enemies” (buy at →, buy on →).

82. Elias Canetti. “Mass and power” (buy on →).

Poetry, recommended for reading

English, American: Robert Frost, Thomas Hardy, William Butler Yeats, Thomas Stearns Eliot, Wisten Hugh Auden, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop.

German: Rainer Maria Rilke, Georg Tracl, Peter Huhhel, Ingeborg Bachmann, Gottfried Benn.

Spanish: Antonio Machado, Federico García Lorca, Luis Sernooda, Rafael Alberti, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Octavio Paz.

Polish: Leopold Staff, Czeslaw Milosz, Zbigniew Herbert, Wisława Shimborsk.

French: Guillaume Apollinaire, Jules Seperevilles, Pierre Reverde, Blaise Cendrars, Max Jacob, Francis Jamm, Andre Freno, Paul Eluard, Victor Segalen, Henri Michaud.

Greek: Constantine Cavafy, Yorgos Seferis, Yannis Ritsos.

Dutch: Martinus Neihof (“Avatar”).

Portuguese: Fernando Pessoa, Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Swedish: Gunnar Ekelef, Harry Martinson, Werner Aspenstrom, Tumas Tranströmer.

Russian: Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelstam, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Vladislav Khodasevich, Viktor Khlebnikov, Nikolai Klyuev, Nikolai Zabolotsky.