5 useful Chrome extensions for “VKontakte”

1. VkOpt


Universal expansion with ad blocker and many other useful features. VkOpt works best with media content. The extension allows you to quickly download audio and video, shows the size and bitrate of music files.

You can connect your Last.fm profile to VkOpt to receive detailed music recommendations based on the listening history of VKontakte. In addition, VkOpt displays the title and the list of tracks that are included in the album with the selected song.

The extension also offers additional settings for the VKontakte interface: you can change the location and appearance of its elements.

2. MusicSig


MusicSig is another multifunctional extension for VKontakte, one of the most popular in the store Chrome. Like VkOpt, MusicSig blocks ads, allows you to download music and videos from the social network, displays the quality and size of music files.

Although MusicSig does not know how to transfer data to Last.fm to form musical recommendations, it has its advantages. For example, you can quickly download entire playlists and filter audio recordings at the bitrate level.

The extension also allows you to make edits to the interface: add clock widgets and calendars to the left panel, enable quick access to the nested sections “VKontakte” through the navigation menu.

A separate function blocks annoying notifications that the profile is not 100% full.

3. “Download music from VKontakte” »

«Download music from VKontakte»

This minimalistic extension performs a single task, which is reflected in its name. It is best suited for those who want to download music without having to deal with unnecessary options and settings. For convenience, the program displays the size and quality of audio files.

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When you visit online stores, the extension can redirect you to affiliate program sites – such an unusual method of monetization was chosen by the developer. But the author allows this feature to be disabled. Just right click on the MusVK icon, open “Options” and uncheck “Disable invisible ads”.

4. VK Blue

VK Blue

VK Blue adds an equalizer to the player “VKontakte” with presets for different music genres. With it, you can adjust the optimal sound for your headphones or speakers. VK Blue automatically applies the necessary settings to different compositions, and when it can not determine the genre, it sets the default parameters.

In addition, the extension displays photos and biographies of artists, album covers, the size and bitrate of the songs played, and also allows you to download audio files.

5. “Background” VKontakte “»

If you spend a lot of time on the social network and are tired of its standard appearance, pay attention to this extension. It will allow you to transform the interface “VKontakte”: adjust the color scheme and the level of transparency, as well as put any wallpaper on the background. The program can automatically change the background images after a specified period of time.

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