How to make Chrome even more convenient: 21 extensions for working with tabs

Manage tabs

1. TooManyTabs

TooManyTabs will collect all the tabs in one place and sort them by name, address and time of creation. Restoring private tabs or finding the right page for a keyword will not be difficult.

2. Tabli

The extension groups open tabs into a convenient list. Besides this, Tabli is interesting in that it works with several open windows simultaneously.

3. Tab Manager

A simple tab manager with minimal functionality. You can open the site in a new window directly from the extension or fix the tab to accidentally close it. Tab Manager has a search by name and URL.

4. Quick Tab

The extension groups the tabs into a list. You can open the Quick Tab with hotkeys and quickly jump to the desired page.

5. Tabman Tabs Manager

Tabman Tabs Manager collects all the tabs together, and to select the desired page, just rotate the mouse wheel. For convenience, you can fix the extension panel.

6. Tabs Outliner

This extension is useful to everyone who works in Chrome with a lot of information. Tabs Outliner will help you organize tabs and sort them.

Download the new tab window

7. Currently

Turns an empty tab into a page with a clock and weather forecast. You can change the background color yourself or make it change depending on the time of day and the temperature on the street.

8. Elegant New Tab

The extension adds a beautiful start page in the Material Design style. Top of the page shows the weather and time, just below – search, and below – your bookmarks. If you want to change the wallpaper, just specify the URL of the image.

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9. Simple Speed ​​Dial

Start page, on which all the saved bookmarks will neatly be located.

10. Speed ​​dial 2

A stylish and convenient extension completely changes the new tab window. In addition to the sites that you work with on the main screen, you can add a panel to the page with quick access to mail, documents, music and other Google services. Customize the extension as you like: change the background, change the display of bookmarks or sort them into groups. A pleasant bonus will be the ability to track your activity on the Internet.

11. Mosaic

The extension design is inspired by the tiles in Windows. There are no additional features Mosaic offers, but the appearance of the page can be customized at will.

12. Start

The extension opens in the new tab a page with bookmarks for the browser. In the sidebar you can find installed applications, as well as configure RSS feed.

13. has everything: widgets, to-do lists, RSS feeds, bookmarks. Create several home pages and quickly switch between them. The most interesting thing is that you can share your home page with colleagues at work.

14. Card Board

Turns a new tab into an informative page. Add to it the top visited sites, a panel with data about your system or a menu with applications.

Other useful and beautiful tab extensions

15. Taskade

A beautiful extension with a minimalistic design for drawing up to-do lists and notes. Open a new tab, write down your ideas and share them with your friends.

16. Subtle tab

Turn the home page into a gallery. Subtle tab offers many beautiful photos, divided by theme. In addition, on the main page you can track the weather and take notes.

17. Pin Tabs

A small extension that fixes all the tabs in the browser so that you can not accidentally close them.

18. TabCloud

With TabCloud, you can save and then restore tabs in the browser. There is synchronization between devices.

19. Cute Animal Tab

This extension adds to the new tab the nicest photos and videos with dogs, seals, pandas and other animals. Cute Animal Tab should definitely be on your work computer.

20. Tabbie

Tabbie allows you to save tabs to return to them later.

21. MovieTabs

A cool extension for movie lovers. Replaces the search page for posters for films. So you can find an interesting movie, watch a trailer and rating pictures on IMDb.

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