7 best extensions for the new sidebar of the Opera browser

Previously, in Opera, the sidebar was one of the killer features, because of which this browser was so loved by dedicated users. With the help of the sidebar you could quickly access your bookmarks, downloads, mail or notes and work with them, without closing the currently open page. It was really convenient.

Opera new sidebar

The sidebar of the new browser (opened by the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S) in many respects repeats the functions of its predecessor, but they are implemented with the help of special extensions. This gives us hope that the opportunities of the sidebar in Opera will increase over time, as third-party developers create new and new extensions. Already now you can browse your Twitter feed, RSS-news, manage installed extensions, add notes and much more. Below you will find a description of several extensions for the sidebar of Opera, which you can install right now.

V7 Bookmarks

Viewing favorites is one of the most convenient and logical functions that you can implement in the sidebar of the browser. Thanks to it you can quickly add and remove new bookmarks, move them between folders and, of course, open your favorite sites.

TweetDeck Sidebar

If you are a fan of Twitter service and can not live without fresh news and minutes (or are forced to track them by the nature of your work), then the TweetDeck Sidebar extension will come to your rescue. It will allow you to open the TweetDeck ribbon directly in the sidebar and follow one eye for updates to your tapes.


This simple extension manager will allow you to enable or disable the required extensions on the fly, and also provide quick access to their settings. In addition, you can create groups of extensions that you can activate all together with a single mouse click. In this way, you can create several groups, one of which you can use, for example, for work, the other for games or multimedia, and switch between them as needed.

V7 Notes

The proprietary feature of the Opera browser in the new reincarnation. It is worth noting that V7 Notes looks and works just as well as the old note-maker and can also help you out in the situation when you need to quickly save a quote, link or text from the currently open page.

Google Keep Sidebar

Google Keep service is deservedly loved by users for its versatility and cross-platforming. With it, you can create quick notes, lists, reminders and voice records right in the Opera’s sidebar, and then view them in the Network or on your mobile device.

The History Panel

This is a simple sidebar manager for the sidebar. All the elements in it are sorted by visiting time and domains, there is a search string. Clicking on the desired site will open it in a new browser tab.

InoReader Sidebar

InoReader is one of the best online RSS readers. If you are its user, then install a special extension for the sidebar that will allow you to view new articles without having to open the main web interface.

The sidebar of Opera and the corresponding extensions for it are an interesting novelty, which may well attract additional users to this browser. For example, I seriously thought about using Opera as the main browser. And you?