How to quickly restart your Chrome browser

The Chrome browser has always been an exaggerated appetite for system resources. Sometimes he manages to completely fill up all available RAM and load some tasks with the processor, but still it is not enough. The computer starts to slow down and asks you for immediate help.

The easiest way to stop this outrage is by simply restarting Chrome. Most users close the program, and then start it again using a shortcut on the desktop or in the taskbar.

But there is another, faster way to restart the browser. Not everyone knows that to perform this operation, you can simply enter the command in the address field chrome: // restart. Doing this manually is not at all necessary, since you can save it as a bookmark in the Favorites panel.

  1. Bookmark any page.
  2. Right-click on it and select “Edit” from the shortcut menu.
  3. Enter in the URL field chrome: // restart, and in the field “Name” any name that you like.

how to restart Chrome

Before applying this method of “reviving” the browser Chrome, keep in mind that all the data entered on the open tabs may disappear. Therefore, before reloading the browser, make sure that you have saved your texts, comments, posts, and so on.

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