10 Korean dorams worth seeing

The name “Dorama” came from the Japanese manner of pronouncing the word “drama” and originally belonged to the Japanese television series. Now this term unites Korean, Chinese and Thai series of any genre.

Maybe it’s a historical and cultural background, maybe – in humorous humor, and maybe – in talented actors and soul soundtracks that sink into the soul, but after viewing the doram, I want to live, love and … in Korea. ????

Scarlet Hearts

  • Fantasy, drama, historical, romance.
  • 2016 year.
  • 20 series of 60 minutes each.
  • IMDb: 8.8.

During a solar eclipse, a girl from our days falls into the age of Koryo. In the midst of the struggle for the throne between the heirs of King Thehedzho, and the heroine is implicated in political intrigue. Having no time to understand anything plainly, Hsu Su finds among the crown princes enemies and supporters, fans and love.

The intrigue is with whom the girl will remain, and will she succeed in preventing the tragedy that has fallen into the history books.

The ease at the beginning of the series is replaced by a growing coma in the throat to the middle. “Scarlet hearts” cause a whole range of feelings: affection, horror, understanding, sympathy. Perhaps, this is one of the best dorami, shot in South Korea recently.

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Scandal in Songjungwana

  • Melodrama, comedy, historical.
  • 2010 year.
  • 20 series of 60 minutes each.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

The series tells about the difficult life, studies and attitudes of the four guys at Songjungwang University in the time of Joseon.

Lee Song June is a wise and decent man, true to his principles. Moon Zhe Shin is a warrior who has saved lives of his friends more than once. Gu Yong A – heartthrob, who know all the local pussy. Kim Yun Shik is a charming poor man whose secret of attraction is that he is … a girl.

Our four will be embroiled in state secrets, but even more interesting is how quickly the mystery of the main character will be revealed by her friends. And of course, between some of the main characters love will break out.

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Moonlight, painted in clouds

  • Historical, comedy, melodrama.
  • 2016 year.
  • 18 series of 60 minutes each.
  • IMDb: 7.9.

If you liked the “Scandal in Songjungwana” and you are not averse to seeing something like this, this is the same type of Doram.

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The girl, disguised as a guy, is active: men turn to her for advice in love affairs. But the initiative is punishable: because of his tricks, Hon Ra He goes to the palace to serve the crown prince – the eunuch.

The “young man” is drawn not only by the heir to the throne, but also by a beautiful court poet, which, as you know, smells like a love triangle. Ra He needs to hide the secret of his sex from everyone, but to open it to the prince she liked. And, as always, it will not do without the rescue of the country.

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Cheese in a mousetrap

  • Drama, romance, psychology.
  • 2016 year.
  • 16 series of 60 minutes each.
  • IMDb: 7.7.

The student Khon Sol did not immediately have a relationship with a fellow student. Beautiful, rich, popular and seemingly perfect Yu Chong is the dream of all the girls. But Salt suspects that in fact he is a cruel and vindictive manipulator, cleverly using people and directing events.

After all the troubles brought handsome, a girl can not believe in the sincerity of Yu Chong, when he begins to take care of her. Problems add a girl who is in love with Yu Chong, his childhood friend, flushed with love for Sol, a lot of strange personalities from the university and family troubles.

Until the end of the series it is unclear what lies behind the grin of Yu Chong: whether he loves Sol or uses it in his next plan.

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Marriage agency “Cyrano”

  • Comedy, romance.
  • year 2013.
  • 16 series of 50 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.6.

Inspired by the work “Cyrano de Bergerac”, the actor creates an unusual dating agency. There come in love, who do not know how to win the object of their sympathy.

Employees, like skillful psychologists and directors, develop a script, adjust the situation and prepare everything that a person must do and say to conquer a loved one or a loved one.

The most interesting thing begins with the arrival of a new employee, Min Yong, in the agency: in the company working with feelings, love can not fail to happen. Undoubtedly positive dorama, after which you want to fall in love.

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Cinderella and the four princes

  • Comedy, drama, romance.
  • 2016 year.
  • 16 series of 60 minutes each.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

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High school student Un Ha Haon meets an elderly rich man who offers her a deal: Ha Vaughn will work in his grandchildren’s house and try to establish a relationship between them, and he will pay for her studies at the university for this.

Renew family ties, she will have between self-assured majeur Hyun Ming, sweet pop idol So Wu and rude hooligan Zhi Wong. A kind and industrious girl is gradually melting ice in this complete problem to the family, but until the happy end, she will have to endure many difficulties.

It is intriguing who turns out to be the fourth “prince”, which of the guys will achieve reciprocity from our heroine and how this will be treated by a strict grandfather.

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Oh, my Venus

  • Drama, comedy, romance.
  • 2015 year.
  • 16 series of 60 minutes each.
  • IMDb: 7.8.

In her school years, Kang Zhu Eun was the main beauty of the district, but now she is over thirty, she launched herself, and from the dizzying success there were only envious people. A former fat girlfriend threw off weight, took away her beloved man Zhu Un, and methodically spoils her life at work.

Everything changes when the heroine accidentally meets John Kim, who trains Hollywood stars. A nice coach is taking Zhu Un back to its former form, but there is a small snag: everything must be done in secret, as he is a world celebrity hiding from the paparazzi.

Light, cheerful and romantic dorama with notes of motivation for those who want to finally get on the right diet and do fitness.

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Starry Night Koh Ho

  • Comedy, romance.
  • 2016 year.
  • 20 series of 20 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.2.

The whole life of the 29-year-old Koh Ho is at work in an advertising agency. She successfully realized herself in the profession, but the boss is constantly being quarreled, the guy threw, and all the girl-friends for a long time in pairs. It seems that in the personal life of the heroine came a black streak.

But with the arrival of a new boss in the office, who turned out to be her ex-boyfriend, everything turns around. One boss wants to return to her, the second one does not understand what’s on his mind, besides, the young trainee does not give a pass, and this trio is not all Koh Ho’s fans.

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The task of the main character in this situation is not to miss real love and not to be left without work.

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Her lovely heels

  • Romance.
  • year 2014.
  • 10 series of 13 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.1.

Buying in the shoe store his first high-heeled shoes, Zhi Hu meets a pretty sales consultant and falls in love, but when he returns to the store, he does not find it. What is the girl’s surprise when she finds out that the same guy is her new boss.

Zhi Hu rejoices to be next to manager O and wants to confess to him in his feelings. But he does not want to have a relationship in the workplace in general and with her in particular, besides, another boss has put his eye on him. And Zhi Hu is afraid of getting burned again, and the former guy is trying to get her back.

The story of how thanks to one pretty heels of love happened.

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Strings of the soul

  • Comedy, romance.
  • 2011.
  • 15 series of 50 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Li Guy Won is an emotional and purposeful student playing a national Korean instrument. Li Shin – her opposite: a cold handsome, the leader of a student rock band, not building any plans and hopelessly in love with a dance teacher.

As usual, at first this couple did not like each other, but from hatred near love. The show shows how the meeting changes the lives of the main characters, and all this against the background of students and beautiful music.

A little naive, but nice Dorama.

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Only a few historical dorsas, stories about students and working relations, only a thematic range of Korean TV series are much wider: about the family, the beauty and entertainment industry, on medical topics, about special services, about cooking. So, if the proposed series is not your format, do not rush to write off the Korean television industry.

If there are your pets in this top ten, vote for them in the poll. And if you know other good dramas, be sure to share in the comments.

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