What you need to know before watching the new “Running in a maze”

January 25 in Russia will be released in the rolling “Running in the labyrinth: A medicine from death.” This is the third part of the fantastic anti-utopia, based on the same-named bestseller by American writer James Dashner.

The first two parts were very successful. The sequel got fans, the film was loyal to critics. The success of the picture is confirmed by the box office: with a total budget of $ 95 million, films collected in the worldwide box office more than 660 million.

Before going to the cinema on “Running in a labyrinth: A cure for death”, one must look at the two previous parts. And this is 4 hours of free time. But do not worry! Lifehaker talks about everything you need to know before watching a new movie.

Attention! In the text there are spoilers.

Who is who

Glader. A teenager, who fell into the hands of the organization POROK. and became her property. All the gladers are deprived of memory. The only thing they remember is their name. Teenagers are conducting medical experiments.

Running in the labyrinth: characters

Immune. A teenager who has immunity to a virus that has afflicted humanity.

Virus “Flash”. A disease that turns a person into a kind of zombie. The disease has become an epidemic and threatens humanity.

VICE. A company that is looking for a vaccine against the “Flash” virus. The organization creates tests for adolescents and identifies the immune system. Studies of physicians have shown that the antidote against the virus is contained only in the blood of children and adolescents. To create a vaccine, you need to sacrifice dozens of lives in innocent people.

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Running in the labyrinth: characters

“Right hand”. An underground organization that fights with the POROK. Its members want to seize the company’s resources to support a healthy portion of the world’s population – those who did not contract the virus.

Who is good and who is bad. Based on the results of the two films, it is not clear who is the main villain: everywhere there is betrayal and lies. Choose gleyderov – will be on the bright side, choose POROK. – On the dark.


First a little digression. “Running in a maze” is a trilogy about teenagers who are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of chaos and eerie creatures, and at the same time to understand what is happening to them at all. They do not remember anything: where is their home, their parents, who they are.

Part 1

The story begins in Glade – a square space surrounded by huge stone walls, behind which is a labyrinth. Here the heroes of the first film live.

Running in the labyrinth: the first part

For three years, adolescents can not find a way out: the design of the labyrinth is constantly changing, and inside live grivers – biomechanical creatures that kill gliders.

In Glade gets a new teenager – Thomas. He is a purposeful and risky guy who from the first day wants to figure out what’s what. Therefore, he takes everything in his hands and gets out of the labyrinth. With him, other teenagers are saved. But instead of being at large, they fall into the hands of POROK.

Part 2

VICE. creates a vaccine for the salvation of mankind, so they do not need to sacrifice their lives to a couple of dozen gladers for the sake of a great goal. Learning about the company’s plans, Thomas and his friends escapes from the base of the POROK and finds himself in the desert. Life here is like hell: everywhere there are ruins, sand and people infected with the virus.

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Running in the labyrinth: the second part

The only hope of salvation is the underground organization Right Hand. Her people hide in the mountains and oppose POROK.

The heroes get to the rebel camp and hope that now it’s safe. But they are betrayed by Teresa – one of the gladers. The “Right Hand” camp is destroyed, taking many of the gladers, including Minho, a friend of Thomas, with whom they together found a way out of the labyrinth.

What to do next? Save from people infected by the virus and survive in the desert among the ruins? Or still surrender to POROK for the good of mankind?

Thomas decides to go the third way: to give battle to POROK and save a friend. Although it is not clear: suddenly this is another test, enticing teenagers into a trap.

Who should know


running in the labyrinth: Thomas

Glader. Has leadership qualities and authority among peers, often takes risks, is tied to his friends. Previously, he worked for POROC, but then he gave secret information about the organization to “Right Hand” and became a glider.


running in the labyrinth:
Left – Theresa, right – Ava Page

Glader, the last one got into the labyrinth. Previously, she worked for POROC, but became a glider. After passing through the labyrinth, the girl was returned a memory. Recalling the suffering of her mother from a deadly virus, she betrayed her friends for the sake of creating a vaccine and her own salvation. Again, she took the side of POROK.


running in the labyrinth: brand
Left – Thomas, right – Brenda

Not a gleyer, helped Thomas escape from POROK. The girl does not have immunity to the virus.

Awa Paige

Employee POROK.a, looking for a vaccine against the virus.

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Running in a maze: Jenson
Left – Jenson, center – Teresa, right – Ava Page

Employee POROK, hunts for the gliders.

“Running in the labyrinth: A medicine from death”

The third part of the popular sequel comes out on January 25. Here is the official trailer:

The last part of “Runner in the labyrinth” was supposed to be released a year ago, but on the shooting of the film an accident happened. The actor who plays the main character (Dylan O’Brien), was injured, the guy was hospitalized. The damage was so serious (concussion, fracture and lacerations) that the production of the film was postponed indefinitely.

Nevertheless, the actor recovered, the film was shot, the fans rejoice and are waiting for the premiere. Go and you. The sequel is compared to “Divergent” and “Hunger Games”. This is an easy movie with an interesting storyline and a good cast. The previous parts of the trilogy were captivated and held in suspense, even despite predictability and primitive dialogues.

The peculiarity of the film is that after two parts the viewer does not know what happened to the teenagers and the world where they live. Apparently, the denouement of history will be in the third part, and it promises to be interesting.

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