Review of Suunto 3 Fitness – smart hours with adaptive training plan

Design and ergonomics

Suunto 3 is a multifunctional tracker that looks like a classic watch. An excellent option for those who need a similar gadget, but is not ready to give up the usual wristwatch. For complete authenticity, you can even set the dial with the arrow.

The watch is sold in five colors: greenish-blue, light pink, white and black with a classic and black bezel. The colors are enough to choose a watch for any style, and universal black Suunto 3 can be worn even with a classic costume.

And so watch the aquamarine watch on the hand of our designer Nastya. Color is not universal, but very cute.

In the complete set with the clock there is a special cable-clothespin for flashing and charging the device.

The watch weighs 36 g and is tightened with an elastic silicone strap. It is elastic in moderation: just enough so that you do not restrain movement and at the same time do not allow the watch to fly off your hands.


Training mode

Before starting the exercises, you need to select the type of workout from the list. There are exotic species: cheerleading and squash. During each workout, the clock shows the key data: time, distance, pulse, cadence, number of steps or strokes. Detailed information about each exercise can be found in the training log. What exactly the clock will show depends on the sport.

There are many types of water training in the list: sailing, various kinds of rowing, surfing and swimming. Suunto 3 corresponds to the protection class IPX8 and can operate at a depth of 30 meters. This means that the water resistance of a watch may not be sufficient unless professional divers. Swim in the pool, rafting on the river on a kayak or dissect on a board along the waves with Suunto 3 – it’s easy.

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For those who are engaged in interval and mixed training, everything is also provided here. The type of exercise can be changed in the process, and the intervals can be programmed in advance.

Sports reports in the application

More visual information is in the Suunto appendix. Here you can see detailed reports on past training. If GPS was turned on during the exercise, the Suunto application will show the map with the route traversed. Yes, there is a similar function for Strava, Endomondo and Nike + Run Club. But with Suunto 3 of the superfluous applications can be discarded: all data on jogs, races and other training will be concentrated in one place.

Another cool thing is the training map. If you look at the map of Europe or large Russian cities, you can find popular routes of other Suunto watchmakers.

Adaptive training plan

From other smart watches Suunto 3 are different in that they can make you an adaptive weekly training plan. It works like this: after entering the profile data, the clock forms a schedule, which shows the duration and intensity of training for each day during the week. The intensity is determined by the heart rate during exercise.

The clock reads the correspondence of the real workouts to the scheduled schedule and corrects the program if you overfulfil or lag behind the plan. The mechanics are simple, but really working. Such an additional motivator will be useful to those who want to support themselves in form, but have problems with self-discipline.

Constant activity tracking

Suunto 3 is not just a sports watch, but a multifunctional tracker. With it, you can follow the pulse, the steps and calories burned, the quality and time of sleep. You can track the statistics in the Suunto application, and on iOS devices – export the data to the Health application.

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On the main screen of the Suunto application, you will see how you deal with daily goals, and in the “Diary” – more detailed graphs for each of the directions. Here you can follow the pulse during sleep and the way your lack of sleep inexorably accumulates by the end of a difficult week.


Using Suunto 3, you can finally remove the smartphone from the table during conversations with friends and colleagues: all notifications will come to you on the clock. Nothing important you do not miss, and the need to look at the smartphone screen every three minutes will disappear.

For clarity, we unfolded the watch on the wrist of our model: the text of the notification is identical to what is on the screen of the smartphone
Suunto 3 can be used as a fitness bracelet, activity tracker, timer or alarm clock. Well, or, in the end, just like a clock. Stylish, presentable and comfortable.


New watches need to be connected to the computer and go through the firmware process. After that, they can be customized: see the instructions and enter data about your body.

There are five buttons on the clock: two on the left and three on the right. They respond pleasantly to pressing and react with light vibration.

The upper button on the left is responsible for changing the data on the screen. It can be used, for example, to view the battery charge level or the number of steps passed. The bottom button on the left is Back to return to the previous screen.

The upper and lower keys on the right either open the screens for key actions and data, or perform the functions “Up” and “Down” while viewing lists, and the middle works like the “OK” button.

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There are a lot of functions and settings in Suunto 3, so some time to the clock still have to get used to.


In the training mode Suunto 3 work up to 30 hours on a single charge. The exact operating time depends on the use of Bluetooth and the quality of the GPS signal. In standby mode, the clock runs for about five days with notifications turned on and twice as long if notifications are turned off and synchronization with the smartphone occurs infrequently.

What in the end

The accuracy, the number of functions and the design of Suunto 3 correspond to the requirements that lovers of “round” smart watches impose on gadgets. Suunto 3 will suit both professional athletes, and those who are limited to a couple of runs a week and charging in the morning. Finnish developers not only created a competitive product, but also provided it with an addition in the form of an adaptive training plan. And most importantly, the price of the device remained relatively affordable: from 15 to 17.5 thousand rubles, depending on the color.

Verdict Lifehacker: Suunto 3 Fitness – great for those who are not ready to give crazy money for branded devices, but dreams of a professional sports watch.

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