Sweets without sugar: how to eat properly and do not get bored of sweets

Why candy without sugar

The fact that sugar is to blame for obesity and heart disease, the English scientist John Yudkin (John Yudkin) wrote back in 1972.

The easiest way to start eating right is to throw all the sugar out of the house.

Therefore, all the schemes of healthy nutrition begin with the prohibition of sugar. Even a trash-diet on chocolate suggests that chocolate will be bitter. Of course, you can live without candy. But sad.

The worst is sweet tooth, which does not care how they look and how they feel. They are trying to find a substitute for sugar desserts: honey, bars with cereals, dried fruits. It does not always work out.

It is worth looking at the composition of the sweet “useful” dessert, and there were hiding glaze, molasses, something identical to natural. It is worth taking something very natural, it turns out that this is a product with apologies: you will think that it is not very tasty, but useful.

Athletes suffer no less. Each candy they need to decompose into proteins, fats and carbohydrates, calculate the amount of sugar, translate it into extra hours on the treadmill, get scared and throw away the sweet.

Therefore, Lifshaker with interest tested Healthy Ball – sweets in which there is no sugar. Instead, they have dried fruits, maple syrup and Jerusalem artichoke syrup. These are natural sugar substitutes with a low glycemic index. And this means that carbohydrates from candy will be broken down gradually, without sudden jumps of sugar in the blood. That is, the consequences in the form of a sharp drop in glucose levels, when you want to give half the kingdom for a new dose of sweet, there are no such substitutes.

In addition to dried fruits, Healthy Ball has nuts, cocoa, cereals and natural fillers. There is also a special ingredient: in one of the lines, the composition of sweets includes protein, which athletes need before and after training to build muscle mass.

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How do candy look healthy person

Candy came in minimalistic cardboard boxes, as it should be healthy and natural food. Inside each box are plastic bags with two balls.

We expected to see stuck candy, but it turned out that manufacturers were thinking about the safety of sweets. Each ball is placed in a paper basket, so that the candies look like sweets from a conventional pastry shop.

Bonus to a sweet is a card with interesting facts or inspirational tips. Whether they motivate or not, it is difficult to say, but this cardboard helps sweets not to be crumpled, if you put them in your pocket or throw them in a bag.

“Do what the soul and body ask for,” read another advice from Healthy Ball. Soul and body asked for sweet, so we started tasting.

Protein Ball series, candies with peanuts

  • Waiting: a typical “healthy dessert” with a strange taste.
  • Reality: yes this is cream sausage! The same as in any pastry shop, with greetings from childhood. Only not so cloying.

The taste is strong, nutty. Unexpectedly, a vivid impression is obtained without flavor additives. As part of the candy – whey protein isolate, which is needed for sporting achievements.

21% of candy is protein. There are twice as many carbohydrates. The rest is occupied by vegetable fats and dietary fiber. And to ensure that athletes do not suffer, calculating BJU of each candy, the content of nutrients in each ball was carried onto the package.

Protein Ball, candy with chocolate

  • Waiting: bitter chocolate with a high content of cocoa, unsweetened.
  • Reality: chocolate in chocolate, sweet.

Healthy Ball made a sweet with a rich taste, in which there is no typical bitterness for real chocolate. This, by the way, is an outlet for children: you want a chocolate bar, but there are not many people who love tiles with a high content of cocoa.

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Healthy Ball is a nice snack on a piece and washed down with tea or coffee, like a regular chocolate. There is a whole ball is not advisable, because the candy is viscous, like a toffee, it can stick to the teeth. To tear off with her teeth will not have to, but the feeling for an amateur.

Protein Ball, candy with coconut

  • Expectation: heavenly delight.
  • Reality: cookies with coconut.

We waited on the useful candies of extreme tastes, but it turned out that Healty Ball – usual sweets. It’s not bad, because on a healthy diet you will not have to miss the usual sweets and pass by the confectionery department, having clasped your teeth.

Healthy Ball is different in texture. Despite the fact that all the ingredients are ground and the ball looks more like a praline peanut, the candies are still different. Chocolate – sticky, peanut – soft, coconut – dense, with crunchy flakes.

Despite the modest size of the candy (one ball weighs only 15 g, they are really small), Healthy Ball does not eat much: they are nutritious. In the entire protein line the same calorie content, in one candy 59.4 kcal. If you are accustomed to eating candy boxes, with Healthy Ball this will not work. It’s too hard.

And Other Tastes Healthy Ball

In addition to the protein series, Healthy Ball has six more tastes (total nine). Most of the sweets are suitable for vegans, except for sweets with protein.

Some tastes are not like anything at all, and it’s not always good. We never managed to come up with a suitable analogue from the world of usual sweets for Healthy Ball Immuno with spirulina, pumpkin seeds and mint:

  • Waiting: it’s not known what, but it’s definitely something sweet, like in a protein ruler.
  • Reality: from “Wow, how unusual” to “Raw land” or “Swamp Tine”.

Healthy Ball is suddenly different. Some sweets – with bitter taste, some with light acidity. It is not possible to accurately identify that in the composition: dates, raisins, prunes or a powder of cannabis seeds. We advise you to start with mixes and small packages to try different tastes and choose your favorites.

Where to buy candies without sugar and where to put them

We advise putting Healthy Ball:

  • In the desktop drawer. To charge the brains with energy. At work, you can not notice how many sweets you swallowed. In the case of the Healthy Ball, at least you will be sure that you did not eat anything harmful.
  • In the pocket of the bag. If you have to spend a lot of time on the road, healthy desserts can quickly be refueled to hold out until normal food.
  • In a school backpack of a child. It’s definitely better than candied candy from a stall.
  • On the kitchen table. To please yourself over a cup of tea and be proud of a healthy diet.

Healthy Ball are sold in the supermarket chain “Azbuka Vkusa”, pharmacies “36.6”, in bars of fitness clubs World Class. Readers of Lifehacker we give a promotional code Life20. He gives a 20% discount when ordering sweets on the site and is valid until May 15.

Healthy sweets are needed not only for pitching or vegans. The benefits of training and vegan ingredients are only a bonus to the fact that one can eat sweet without absorbing tons of sugar. And it is for this that the Healthy Ball is needed.

BUY Healthy Ball

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