12 stupid myths about virginity

1. Virginity is only in girls

No. Although in fact, people have not yet agreed what to consider virginity, that’s why they understand this word in different ways. In a broad sense, virginity is a condition where a person has not had a sexual experience (we remind you that sex is not only vaginal, and it’s still sex). It happens in both sexes.

What is called virginity in women – the hymen, in the scientific – hymen.

2. The hymen is a film with a small hole

Hymen is a small fold of the connective tissue, which partially closes the lumen of the vagina. Someone’s hymen is denser and bigger, someone is not noticeable enough, as if it’s not there. It can look different in different ways. Here is how the Swedish Association for Sexual EducationVaginal corona. .

myths about virginity: the spit

In rare cases, the film does cover the entire vagina, but this is a pathology requiring surgical treatment.

Why need hymen, no one knows. There is a hypothesis that the film protects the woman’s microflora before puberty.

By the way, hymen does not disappear anywhere and does not dissolve right after sex. Remains remain on the mucosa after the onset of sexual activity, but women do not notice what is there with this fold.

3. Virginity can be lost while playing sports

No. Sport is a sport, sex is sex. You can combine, but it’s an amateur.

Some sports can help stretch the hymenDoes she always have sex for the first time? , so that at the first sexual contact there will be no unpleasant sensations or blood, but this is exclusively anatomical feature.

In addition, there is no guarantee that if a girl has done much, say, gymnastics or riding, she does not really feel unpleasant feelings during the first sex.

4. The guys also have something that can be determined by virginity

No, there is nothing like that for men. Determine will have to rely on the words of the man himself.

5. After the first sex you can not get pregnant

It is a myth. Hymen is not a contraceptive. And no matter how many times you have sex. Conception does not depend on this, but on the availability of a mature egg and sperm. More about this, we wrote in the article about the myths associated with protection.

If you do not plan a child, then you need to be protected at any time.

6. The first sex affects the rest of life

Someone really influenced, but it is not necessary.

Everything happens for the first time, including sex. Of course, if the experience was traumatic, then it can negatively affect the whole intimate life. If the injuries and troubles were not, then you can happily remember the first sex. Or do not remember at all if he is not worth it.

7. It’s terribly painful and there will be a lot of blood

Not always. As we have already explained, women have hymen. This is an elastic film, but if it overstrains, it will burst. The pain depends on the structure of the film, and on the personal perception of pain, and on the general willingness to have sex.

Excitation and a sufficient amount of lubrication is what helps to reduce pain.

After the first sex, bleeding does not happen to everyone. It depends on the structure of the hymen, its elasticity, again lubrication and excitement. Perhaps there will be so little blood that it will not even be noticeable.

Just the heavy bleeding is not the norm. If it does not stop within 24 hours, you should see a doctor.

8. At the first sex you can not use a condom

The virginity of one of the partners is not related to the need to use contraception. Condom – an affordable and reliable tool, if it is used correctly. Even if both partners had not had sex before.

9. Virgins can not be visited by a gynecologist

Can. If there are complaints, you need to go to the doctor. The doctor will inspect the special tools and nothing will hurt.

Pleva is not a guarantee of protection against disease. Those who are sexually transmitted will not appear, of course. But there are a lot of gynecological problems that are not related to sex, from banal thrush or painful period to the neoplasm of internal organs.

Even if there are no complaints, regular checkups should be taken after the onset of menstruation, and before starting sexual activity, it would be nice to consult about contraception.

10. Virgins should not use tampons

In most cases, the hymen does not cover the vagina so much that you can not use the tampon. For menstruation, you can pick up hygiene products of small size, and if there are doubts – visit a gynecologist and clarify the question about tampons.

But using a tampon can help stretch the hymen, so that the first sex can be less painfulIs sex painful the first time? .

11. After the first sex, the person looks different

myths about virginity: the first sex

They also say that the gait changes and a special light appears in the eyes (or disappears).

If a person is in love and has started having sex, he can change outwardly, up to the gait. This is due to the general emotional state, and not to the very fact that sex in general was.

To define externally, than the virgin or the virgin differs from all the others, it is impossible, you can only guess (but only two options).

12. Virginity needs to be lost until some age (or after)

This is a common installation, which has no basis. Age and virginity are related only in the sense that too early onset of sexual activity has a negative impact on health.

In the rest, what and when to do with your sex life, the person decides. If it is more comfortable for him to remain a virgin or a virgin, then let him remain until he decides that he is ready to change his status.

You determine when, how and under what conditions this will happen. Any statements that “so long it is impossible” – an utter folly. Moreover, you can not listen to ultimatums like “you have two weeks to decide, or I’m leaving.” This is already a compulsion to have sex, such pressure is unacceptable.